7 Tips for Traveling in Europe on a Budget


We all share the same common dream deep down in our hearts of traveling all across Europe one day. The continent is world-famous for its rich culture, hospitality, breath-taking landscapes and tendencies to party like there’s no tomorrow. Literature, cinematography and the internet in general have rightfully made us fall in love with all of the romantic countries in Europe and yearn for the trip of a lifetime. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford an all-inclusive vacation in Europe, throwing Euros left and right on the first thing that catches our eye. Reality proves that merely the ride to Europe can turn out to cost you thousands of dollars if you stop at just your first result on a Google search. So how can you plan the Euro trip of your dreams while spending smart? You will soon find out that it’s not as impossible as it seems; we have gathered the best 7 tips for traveling in Europe on a budget so you can enjoy an affordable and worthwhile vacation abroad. Check them out below, plan your trip wisely and bon voyage!


1. Discover Eastern Europe

When we first think of Europe, the main countries that come to mind are probably Italy, France, Germany or Spain. But why limit your travels to Western Europe? If you venture into the East a bit more, you will find some of the most precious territories on this continent, filled with history, nature and sheer beauty, all at much lower prices than its Western counterpart. Greece, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania and Turkey are just a few of the exquisite countries Eastern Europe has to offer; they all provide way more inexpensive services than most Western European countries, and they have some of the most beautiful hidden treasures you will ever discover.


2. Travel Out of Season

Want to avoid heart-stopping flight rates and hordes of camera-clicking tourists? It’s simple; steer away from traveling between July and the first half of September in Europe! Also, you might want to avoid holidays like Easter, Christmas or New Year’s, as Europeans tend to visit their neighboring countries for celebrating. Besides saving a lot of money on airplane tickets, you will also enjoy a unique experience with the locals and discover their lifestyle. Try planning for spring or autumn; you are bound to catch pleasant weather, cheap tickets and a lot more space for wandering around.


3. Choose a Hostel

Hostels are some of the best forms of accommodation you could ever imagine in Europe. They’re incredibly cute, cozy and cheap, while offering a memorable experience with fellow travelers. Before you panic over the idea of sharing a room with strangers, keep in mind that all of them are probably on the same mission as you: visiting Europe low-cost. Countries throughout Europe host a wide range of hostels for every kind of budget, from super inexpensive dorm-like rooms, to luxury hostels with hotel standards. Booking a hotel anywhere in Europe can be really pricey for almost anyone, so we warmly recommend the hostel experience for any adventurous traveler.


4. Couch surf!

This is definitely our #1 piece of advice if you want to have fun and create fantastic memories. Websites such as Couchsurfing.com offer irreplaceable experiences for traveling abroad, giving you a unique insight to the local lifestyle and offering the chance to make awesome friends, as well. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, couch surfing is an alternative for exchanging hospitality by accepting and/or hosting guests at your own home, free of charge. The phenomenon is based on mutuality, so travelers and hosts are encouraged to exchange roles. It’s a great way of meeting open-minded locals and showing love by hosting them in your own home country one day.


5. No Taxis! Public Transport & Walking

One of the greatest tourist traps is definitely the European taxi. Many taxi drivers unfortunately seem to have a liking for fooling foreigners and bumping up cab fares, so the best decision is to use means of public transportation or actually walk, if the distances aren’t too far apart. Most city capitals have a metro or subway system with affordable tickets that can help you cross the city, and also a wide variety of buses to get around. Moreover, many cities in Europe offer daily, weekly or multiple-ride passes, so you don’t have to buy a ticket every time you want to visit a certain place.


6. Dine & Shop Smart

Ok, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t treat yourself to a restaurant meal when traveling abroad, but let’s face it: they get super expensive. Try local grocery shopping and putting together your own meals, maybe even with a traditional recipe. Nothing beats a lovely picnic in the park for enjoying a traditional, local meal and soaking up the sun. If you’re on the run and looking for a quick lunch, try any local deli or pastry shop. They have the same products as most bistros and they’re half price or even less. Furthermore, if you’re searching for cool souvenirs to bring back to your loved ones, talk to the locals and find out where the best places for shopping are. You should definitely avoid the shops that directly surround famous tourist destinations; we guarantee that you can find that cute key chain for way less money in a not so well-known shop.


7. Visit Museums for Free

Certainly one of the most memorable parts of your Euro trip will involve discovering the local culture, history and traditions. An avid traveler while surely want to find out more about the city’s background, so museums are at the top of the destination list. However, many museums and monuments can be really expensive to visit, due to their international notoriety. Thankfully, there are tons of museums you can visit for free throughout Europe, which will give you a unique insight about the country’s story. The Berlin Wall Memorial, Musée des Beaux Arts (Nice, France), Museo Storico della Liberazione in Rome, Musée d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and the National Museum of Copenhagen are just a few gorgeous museums you can check out completely free of charge.

Go from a simple tourist to an authentic traveler with these tips and enjoy the Euro trip of your life. What country did you enjoy the most in Europe? Do you have any other tips & tricks for traveling in Europe on a budget? Drop us a line in the comment section and have a safe and fun holiday!

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