9 Best Places to Eat in Boston on a Budget

When visiting a city, you don’t always have money to splurge on food. If you’re in The Hub this month, you’ll discover many splendid eating spots. Looking forward to enjoying a pocket-friendly breakfast, lunch, or dinner there? We have 9 best places to eat in Boston.

1. KO Pies at the Shipyard

best places to eat in boston pies

If you’re tight on money but you want to enjoy great food nonetheless, go downtown. There you’ll discover a nice place called the Shipyard. Dishes are cheap but delicious. The menu is all kinds of amazing. Just take a look at one of the specialties: beer with Australian meat pies. That’s only one of the savory foods you’ll enjoy if you pay them a visit.

The place is a bit difficult to spot at first. To come to the right place, you need to look for a shipyard in East Boston. The place is a wonder thanks to the many art installations that surround it. Summer is the best season to make the most out of the KO Pies they’re famous for. The view from the patio will take your breath away.

2. Saus Boston

best places to eat in boston fries

If you can’t say no to fries be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter, the Saus Boston is waiting for you. The best thing you can do when you get there is to try their poutine fries with bacon bits. Simply mouthwatering. Your budget won’t have to suffer: a part of regular poutine fries is $6.25. Their address is 33 Union St., Boston.

3. Antico Forno

best places to eat in boston pizza

Pizza, pies, and everything fine? You’ve come to the right spot. The Antico Forno serves traditional Italian food. It does it so well and dishes are so affordable, you’ll want to come more than once. A quick look at their menu and you’ll see what we mean. The place is famous for their pizzas (toppings included), entrees, and pasta. The food is baked in the restaurant’s own brick oven.

If you have kids, bring them to this restaurant. There might not be a children’s menu onboard, but they’ll feel right at home. We recommend parmigiana di vitello and baked gnocchi.

4. Lobster Sandwich at Alive & Kicking Lobsters

best places to eat in boston seafood

Quality lobster is easy to find but expensive. If you go to the fish market, you’ll stumble upon some for $20. A cheaper alternative would be to eat at the Alive & Kicking Lobsters. Sandwiches there are $16.95. Each of them is served with a bag of potato chips. By “sandwich” they understand a quarter pound of lobster meat with mayo. This is piled between two slices of white toast.

You can either enjoy your food inside or on a picnic table outside.

5. Chau Chow City

best places to eat in boston rice

Chinatown is the kind of place where no one starves. There’s a different eating spot for all palates. One such culinary heaven is the Chau Chow City. Everyone who’s ever been there is more than happy to recommend it to friends and family. The clientele is varied and that goes to show how popular the place is. You’ll come across neighborhood locals, tourists, and businessmen. The atmosphere is pleasant and the décor includes traditional Chinese pieces.

The best dish to try out is rice crepes and lobster dumplings with shrimp. The place’s dim sum is also amazing. The tasty food will make you full in exchange for a good price. Included in it are side dishes and appetizers.

6. Taquería Jalisco

best places to eat in boston tacos

Tacos are great if you want something quick to eat on your regular break from work. The Taquería Jalisco is one of the best places to eat in Boston. There are a lot of delightful dishes to choose from. So much so, that you might feel overwhelmed. No matter what selection you go with, you’ll only pay $2.25 – $2.50. If you’re with your wife or husband and kid, a plate with beans and rice is just $9.50. Salsa and chips are both on the house.

7. Mela

best places to eat in boston indian

If Indian cuisine suits you better, Boston will charm you with one of its best restaurants. You’ll discover Mela in the city’s South End. The food isn’t the only selling point: the staff is also exquisite. Let’s take a look at the menu, though. It’s the main attraction, after all. The star of the place is the weekday all-you-can-eat buffet. You’ll get your fill for lunch with $9.95. Brunch and dinner dishes are also affordable.

The food has fresh ingredients, which turns it into something more delicious. Order a part of meat and vegetables, then let the rich sauces enhance the taste. Combine all that with an appetizer like the airy naan.

8. Silvertone

best places to eat in boston meat

Buffalo wings aficionados will go straight to the Silvertone to get their fix. A meal that includes them comes with blue cheese. By that, we mean the actual kind, not the dressing served everywhere. The place has been open for over 10 years. Their long history is filled with satisfied customers from all corners of the world. If you don’t want buffalo wings, we suggest ordering some mac’ n’ cheese instead.

Each of the portions comes with mixed greens. All of this is less than $20. Enjoy your food in a friendly atmosphere. You don’t have to reserve a table in advance.

9. Sullivan’s

best places to eat in boston beach

Looking for a quick bite with the beach as your view? Give Sullivan’s a visit and try one of their heavenly cartons. The one with clam strips and fries goes well with a vanilla shake. You’ll pay around $12 for all this. The spot has been located on Castle Island ever since 1951. It’s open from late February to late November. You won’t grow old waiting in line, so add that to the long list of why you should eat at Sullivan’s ASAP.

The Cradle of Liberty is well stoked on cheap eating spots. Today we had a look at 9 best places to eat in Boston. Delight your senses and come back for more!

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