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Author Bio - Mike Sternad

Mike Sternad began his overseas traveling in 1981.  Working for an airline allowed him to travel frequently, sometimes for only a long weekend.  But things really picked up during his first retirement at age 36, when traveling became a 1/2 time vocation.  It was during this period that Mike began to explore the differences of being a tourist, and being a traveler.  Living in a half dozen countries from 3 months to 3 years, taking 2 two-to-three month trips a year overseas (the weather in DC is not very nice in the summer, nor the winter), has made Mike experienced in the joys and the problems in travel, while traveling through more than 80+ countries.


female-placeholderCarrol McCarren caught a serious case of the  travel bug in the 1990s while doing volunteer consulting in developing countries, living in assorted accommodations for weeks or months at a time.  With years of living out of a suitcase comes an understanding of what is really important to her as a traveler, what is not and how that changes with age and destination. If you are going to Paris with a tour group she can’t help you.  If you are planning to live in Accra or  Chiang Mai for three to six months she has some suggestions.



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