What To Wear When You Are Going Abroad


The key question is where are you going and what will you be doing when you get there? Your clothes packing should reflect the specifics of your trip. I operate on the notion that when abroad I am a guest in another country. Whatever opinion I may hold of the local customs, it is polite to observe them to the degree I am able. It is also smart: the less you stand out the safer you are. In the interests of not embarrassing your fellow countrymen, be aware of local mores and dress to … [Read more...]

Checklist for Traveling Overseas


The list below is arranged in categories, with some description of the issues for each category. This is a generic list, that is, it tries to cover the required ground, and should give you ideas for what you want to add, but is not comprehensive. Planning: Is this your first trip overseas? Planning to travel around the world? Travel Agent: When to use a travel agent: Is this your first trip overseas? Passport: What countries do you need a passport for? For US citizens, the answer is … [Read more...]

Travel Light and Smart Overseas


Whenever I am asked for tips for packing for overseas travel, I always begin by asking questions. 1. How many of you are traveling? 2. How long are you going for? 3. Are you going to be in one hotel the entire trip? 4. Will you be doing business AND pleasure? 5. Will you be using planes, trains and automobiles? 6. Do you mind paying someone at every juncture to handle your luggage? 7. Will you have to carry your luggage up stairs? 8. Will your hotel room(s) be large enough to keep … [Read more...]