10 Best Places to Eat in NYC You’ll Never Forget

The Big Apple is famous for many things. From shopping to art galleries and fashion shows, NYC is a magical place. If you’re there for the weekend on your own or with your kids, we have a treat: 10 best places to eat in NYC. Enjoy a healthy breakfast, indulge in a budget-friendly lunch, or relish in a delicious dinner under the moonlight.


10 Best Places to Eat in NYC You'll Never Forget

Located in downtown Manhattan, this restaurant is the place to be if you’re on a date in the city. It offers fish lovers light dishes they can enjoy with their loved ones in a special atmosphere. You should also taste their roasted chicken and lobster roll.

Eating there doesn’t come cheap, so make sure your pockets are full before booking a table. The hefty bill will be nothing compared to the tasty dishes. If you’re a fan of burgers, the Lure Fishbar are famous for their Bash-Style Burger nights.


Best Places to Eat in NYC You'll Never Forget

The Soho area of NYC is world-renowned for its many exciting eating spots. The Balthazar Restaurant and Sadelle’s are only two of the best places to eat.

The first location is great if you’ve always enjoyed time spent with friends in a brasserie. Their menu is quite expensive, but the food is a delight. They serve breakfast, Sunday brunch, lunch, and dinner. The wine selection is also great and their delicious desserts are even better. By the time you’re done, you’ll want a second and a third serve of everything. Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family. Be it as it may, why not try it at this restaurant.


10 Best Places to Eat in NYC

Sadelle’s is quite new on the block and yet they’ve made a good name for themselves. Lovers of bakery and Jewish delicacies will make this their new home in no time at all. The bagels and smoked fish served there will make you lick your fingers. Speaking of bagels: they’re rolled by hand inside a glass space located in the center. Makes you want to pay a visit, doesn’t it? The great view is, even more, a great reason to do it.


Best Places to Eat in NYC if you like seafood

Have you recently discovered Little Italy and want a good place to eat? We have just the thing for you: Seamore’s. Like its name says, the sea is where their food selection comes from. Everything is fresh, thanks to Michael Chernow and his team of talented chefs.

The whole New England feel of the place will invite you in and soon you’ll never want to leave. As for what they have on the menu: we heartily recommend the Daily Landings. It lets clients explore a great choice of spicy squid tacos and sauce. Try their bacon cheeseburger served medium rare. Pure bliss, we tell you.


10 Best Places to Eat in NYC for thai lovers

The best place to eat if you’re short on money. They are affordable, but the dishes are really good. If you live in the Midtown West area, they offer Thai delivery. This isn’t their only forte, though. The Larb Ubol has some wickedly tasty papaya salads. It’s no wonder they’re the main attraction for crowds who want a quick bite during summer. The crispy pork and sour sausage are also amazing. Want some fiery larbs for dinner? You know where to go from now.


10 Best Places to Eat in NYC if you like asian food

The Spicy Village, located on 68 Forsyth Street, is the number one place to go with friends. “Big tray of chicken” is a fan favorite with many. Rightly so: you get the best noodle, chicken, and potato combination in town. This is all stewed in sauce mixed with cumin and chili oil. This is another great affordable eating spot. Try their excellent noodle soups while you’re at it.


10 Best Places to Eat in NYC if you love pizza

NYC wouldn’t be NYC if it didn’t have a wide variety of pizza places. The most popular spot is Patzeria Family & Friends located near Times Square. The atmosphere and service will make you want to visit every time you’re in the city for a group outing or with family. The portions they serve are huge and you’ll feel full before you’re done.


10 Best Places to Eat in NYC if you are a foodie

Mexican dishes made by authentic chefs have a certain charm. Go to the Flatiron District when you want to savor the best seafood seasoned with delicious veggies. Stars of the Cosme are carnitas and burrata with salsa verde. You won’t be able to say no to the tortillas and pasta included in the menu. If you want info on every dish served there, look for Enrique Olvera. He knows the tools of the trade and is always ready with advice on everything food-related. Bonus points: flawless presentation.


10 Best Places to Eat in NYC if you like italian

As we all know, Italian cuisine is very popular. Pizza, in particular, has a special place in many people’s hearts. This is one of the reasons L’Amico came to be what it is today. Much to our delight (and, we’re sure, yours as well if you visit), the restaurant is perfect for summer days. When you have time, swing by Chelsea and let go of your financial woes for a bit.


10 Best Places to Eat in NYC if you like french food

Planning on having dinner before going to the theater? Le Bernardin has got you covered. This French restaurant is an ideal pick if you want nothing short of perfection when it comes to excellent cooking and service. You’ll have to dig deep into your pockets, but it’ll be worth it.

These hand-picked best places to eat in NYC are just some of the unique restaurant you can visit in the concrete jungle. Whether you want to splurge on seafood or spend as little as possible on breakfast, lunch, and dinner, NYC is your ideal next destination. Enjoy an unforgettable culinary time in one of the most amazing cities in the world!

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