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cartago, costa rica

8 Costa Rica Travel Tips for a Smooth Trip

You’ve heard about the black sand beaches, the towering palm trees, and the lush cloud forests. If you picture yourself drinking out of a coconut somewhere in Costa Rica soon, you’re probably thrilled– you’re heading to an amazing, picturesque destination. You’re going to have a blast! Before you … [Read More...]

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how to bow in Thailand

10 Tips for Traveling to Thailand: What You Need, Etiquette, and More

Thailand has become a tourism powerhouse in recent years. Statistics show that around 32 million international tourists visit this South East Asian nation annually. That translates to $71 billion (you read that right, billion) in revenue just from tourism. If you're planning on booking a flight … [Read More...]

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Your First Trip Overseas: Honing the Right Mindset in 7 Easy Steps

Excited about your first trip across the border? You should be, because it’s going to be the kind of experience you remember for the rest of your life. However, you should bear in mind that there’s a right and a wrong way to travel abroad and it’s all about your mindset. Lucky for you, we’re here with tips on how to achieve … [Read More...]

My First International Trip

Languages My first trip overseas.  My first trip to a country that doesn’t speak English.  My first time abroad.  My first time to see what I’ve been missing all my life.  My first trip out of my home state.  My first time finding adventure in travel and languages and new cultures and ways of seeing my country from … [Read More...]

First Trip Abroad: What to Expect

If you haven’t experienced the joys of overseas travel you may be somewhat apprehensive about what you are expected to do and when during the trip. This is primer. #1. Visas. To determine whether or not you will need a visa go to the website of consulate of the destination country. You can usually access it through the … [Read More...]

best travel trailers which features the black pearl galaxy upgrades, plus a rear living layout, triple slides, and a convenient kitchen island!

Top 10 Best Travel Trailers

One of the most exciting ways to travel the highways in North America is in a Recreational Vehicle or RV. Travel trailers, one of the most popular types of RVs, are lightweight but sturdy vehicles that you pull behind your large SUV or powerful truck, and in some cases, your minivan. The great benefits of best travel … [Read More...]

skyline view is fun things to do in philadelphia

10 Fun Things To Do in Philadelphia

So you're going to visit the City of Brotherly Love? Awesome! It's your first trip, and you want to make sure you hit all the hot spots. With so much history and culture in a small area, you are bound to have a schedule packed with exciting sites. If you are trying to get to all the must-see attractions around the city, … [Read More...]

Travel Apps!

Useful Apps for Travelers

Useful Apps for Travelers

The basic applications that you might need on your trip are: calculator, alarm clock, weather app, and compass. Luckily most smartphones come with most of these, if not all, installed. But, depending on your journey, you might find yourself in need of additional apps. A public transpiration app or a translator can save your trip, more »