15 Amazing Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

Thanks to the advances in modern transportation, it’s never been easier for people to travel to their dream destinations. So many people are taking advantage of the conveniences of modern transport that nearly every family has at least one “globe trekker” nowadays.

Sometimes it can be a bit challenging shopping for these travelers, especially considering the thousands upon thousands of gift ideas online. Hopefully the list below will help you on your quest to find the perfect travel-themed gift. In this article, you’ll hear about 15 of the greatest gifts for the traveler in your life.

1. Polaroid Snap Touch Digital Camera

Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera With LCD Display (White) with Zink Zero Ink Printing Technology

The Polaroid Snap Touch Digital Camera is one of the best gifts for the traveler who loves taking pictures more than actually looking at scenery. Just a few of the great features of this touchscreen camera include the ability to directly share pictures on social media, add cute stickers, and instantly print photos.

2. LaCie Mobile Hard Drive

LaCie Rugged Mobile Hard Drive 4TB

Sadly, tons of travelers lose all of their photo and video data every year. The only way for a traveler to protect him/herself from losing these precious memories is to buy a reliable Mobile Hard Drive. LaCie makes one of the finest mobile hard drives in the business. Although this product is a bit steep at around $378, can you honestly put a price tag on travel memories?

3. BoxLegend Clothes T-Shirt Folder

BoxLegend t-shirt folder

“Big Bang Theory” fans will instantly recognize this plastic shirt folder. Yes, that’s right, this is the same device Sheldon Cooper uses to fold comic book tees every laundry night. If you know your traveler has a difficult time folding shirts for his/her luggage, why not get them this nifty t-shirt folder by BoxLegend?

4. 4-In-1 Adapter

Flight 001 4-In-1 Adapter

Nobody needs a reliable adapter more than a global traveler. One of the most practical gifts for the traveler in your family is a 4-in-1 Adapter by Flight 001. This cube, which costs around $25, can be used in over 150 countries and is conveniently color-coded so it’s very easy to tell what plug to use anywhere on earth.

5. Mile-High Cocktail Kit

THE TRAVEL PACK Cocktail kit

Let’s face it, traveling around the world can sometimes get really stressful…especially when you’re on a plane with a screaming kid right behind you. The Carry On Cocktail Kit is one of those great gifts for the traveler who’s got a quick temper. Inside this convenient tin you’ll have everything you need to make two delicious cocktails mid-air, including a spoon, recipe sheet, sugar, and bitters.

6. Pocket Wine Aerator

Pocket Wine Aerator

If you know anyone who likes to travel to vineyards often, consider buying them a Pocket Wine Aerator. Made by Eparé, this easy to use device dramatically enriches the flavor of a glass of wine with only 15 seconds of use. All your traveler has to do is put the straw into the wine glass, press the top button, add some air to your wine, and then enjoy!

7. TSA Approved Travel Toiletry Bags

TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

A great gift idea for female travelers are these TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bags. This 2-pack of bags only costs $9 and will take all the guesswork out of figuring out how many toiletries your traveler can take with her on a voyage.

8. TSA Approved Leatherman Multitool

Leatherman Style PS Multitool, Black

Sticking with the theme of TSA approved gifts, consider ordering a Leatherman Style PS Multitool for the male traveler in your life. This stylish multitool has everything necessary for quick fixes, including a file, scissors, tweezers, and pliers.

9. Shell-D RFID Credit Card Protector

Shell-D RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector

Identity theft is a major concern for everyone today, especially for the tech-savvy traveler. One of the highest reviewed e-wallets online that protects all credit cards from electronic theft is the Shell-D RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector. Just how good is this wallet, you ask? Well, out of over 7,500 reviews on Amazon, this Shell-D wallet maintains its impressive 4.5-star rating!

10. “How to Read the Menu” Books

How to Read the Menu: France, Italy and Spain

Not every traveler is a polyglot. Hey, DuoLingo can only teach us so much. For travelers who often voyage to lands where the lingua franca isn’t English, these “How to Read the Menu” nooks can be pretty handy. Each of the three 24-paged booklets have menu items conveniently listed in French, Italian, and Spanish.

11. Poo-Pourri Travel Size Spritzer

Before-You-Go Toilet Spray 4ml Travel Size Disposable Spritzer, Royal Flush Scent

You’ve probably seen the hilarious Poo-Pourri ads online. If you haven’t yet, then stop reading this and watch a few on YouTube! For the uninitiated, Poo-Pourri is a toilet spray that you put in the toilet bowl before you…well, you know. This travel size Poo-Pourri Travel Spray is sure to make every foreign toilet-going experience a tad more pleasant.

12. Argo Petaboard Pet Carrier

Teafco Pet Carrier

Do you know a pet lover who travels a lot? Well then, you should seriously consider purchasing them the Argo Petaboard Airline Approved Pet Carrier. Argo’s adorable dog crate can carry any small dogs between 10 and 25 pounds. This is definitely one of the cutest gifts for the traveler who can’t be separated from his/her pooch.

13. Zagg Pocket Keyboard For iPhone

ZAGG Pocket Keyboard

One nifty item your traveler can use as s/he flies around the world is a Zagg Pocket Keyboard for the iPhone. That’s right, you can actually type on your iPhone like you would on a laptop with this sleek black keyboard. This is one product even non-travelers will get a ton of use out of.

14. EarPlanes 5-Pack

 for adults and kids

Does your traveler have ear issues while flying? This is actually a common condition known as ear barotrauma in the medical industry. One of the best ways to avoid this painful trauma to the ears is by using EarPlanes earplugs. Any frequent flyer with ear complaints will definitely appreciate a few packs of this highly reviewed brand of earplugs.

15. Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb One card, endless possibilities

Are you one of those people that just buys gift cards for everyone. Yeah, we know the type. Well, if you’re looking for one of the best gifts for the traveler in a gift card format, why not buy an Airbnb card? Yeah, it’s a bit lazy, but your traveler friend will definitely get some use out of this card.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you’re looking for in a travel gift, you should’ve found something on this list. Be sure to consider various factors like where your traveler goes often, whether or not s/he travels for pleasure or business, and if s/he travels solo to help you find the ideal gift. Most likely more than one of the above gifts for the traveler in your life are great ideas for your particular situation.