5 Maui Waterfalls That Will Astound You

If you are planning a visit to Maui, your bucket list surely includes seeing some of the island’s scenic waterfalls. And Maui makes it easy for you to check off that particular item on your list. The waterfalls on Maui range from photographic tumbling waterfalls that are literally viewable from the side of the road all the way to towering waterfalls that are accessible only to dedicated hikers or by helicopter. Many of the Maui waterfalls are found along the road to Hana, on the east coast. Here are our picks for some amazing waterfalls for you to consider adding to your list.

5 Maui Waterfalls You Need to Know About

1. Waimoku Falls

Waimoku Falls, one of the most beautiful maui waterfalls

This waterfall made the top of our list due to the intense beauty of the surroundings and the joy you will experience in the journey to reach the falls. Waimoku Falls is found within the Haleakala National Park., at the end of the Pipiwai Trail.

The Pipiwai Trail is a 4 mile round trip, taking around 2 hours to complete. As a bonus, after a short half mile walk down the trail you will reach an overlook where you can view Makahiku Falls. This picturesque waterfall tumbles approximately 200 feet over a lush cliff covered in thick jungle vines, dense ferns and the ever-present bamboo.

Soon after leaving the Makahiku Falls overlook, you will encounter a landmark banyan tree. Then you will enter the bamboo groves. The hollow rustling sound of the bamboo provides a tranquil musical background as you pass through this area of the trail.

To reach Waimoku Falls you will need to cross a stream. After emerging from the dark bamboo forest you will suddenly find yourself at the bottom of a towering cliff accented by the dramatic view of the 400-foot waterfall Waimoku Falls.

2. ‘Ohe’o Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools)

‘Ohe’o Gulch waterfall

While you are in the Haleakala National Park, there is another option for waterfall viewing, especially if you are interested in doing some swimming. Ohe’o Gulch made our list of unique Maui waterfalls because these gentle cascading falls create an idyllic setting where visitors can cool off in the pools; it is also a great location to see cliff divers.

There is a large stream that runs through the area; once you cross the main bridge, you will encounter picturesque natural pools fed by waterfalls that drain into the ocean. This is one of the most popular spots in Maui for swimming and cliff diving.

One recommended stop is the second swimming hole below the bridge. Although cliff diving is prohibited, many locals and visitors alike ignore the warnings and dive from the 80 foot high cliffs above the pool. There are also lower cliffs (15-20 feet high) where adults and children alike often plummet into the pools.

This series of pools cascade from one to the next, with beautiful tumbling waterfalls that will inspire you to take some amazing photos.

3. Twin Falls

Twin Falls waterfall

These falls made our list because the dense jungle setting creates an almost-prehistoric atmosphere for Caveman Falls.

Located on the Hana Highway, Twin Falls are found on private land that has generously been opened to public access. Wailele Farm is an active farming enterprise that maintains the access to the waterfalls. This gives visitors a major bonus: in addition to the free parking and trail access, the farm has a wide variety of fresh local fruit available for purchase.

The first waterfall, called the ‘Twin Falls’, is located a quick walk from the parking area, off a short trail on the left. But to reach the more photographic waterfall, called ‘Caveman Falls’, you will need to follow a gravel road about ¾ of a mile until you reach the jungle.

You will cross an old stone masonry weir (the levers and gears are no longer functional). Once you wade across the stream, you will see a gorgeous waterfall spilling over a vine-covered cave and dropping into a natural swimming pool.

4. Wailula Falls

Wailula Falls maui

Wailula Falls, located on the Hana Highway, is one of the most beautiful of the waterfalls you can see in Maui. Featured in the television show Fantasy Island, Wailula Falls is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Maui. As you drive past the falls, you will be able to access a parking lot where there are many colorful local vendors selling souvenirs and snacks.

This gorgeous 80 foot tall cascade drops into a deep plunge pool at its base. At certain times of day, the mist coming off the base of the waterfall catches the sunlight, creating a stunning rainbow. The trails to the base of the falls can be difficult to navigate, but more intrepid travelers make the trek and then take the opportunity to cool off in the beautiful clear waters.

The ease of access, the stunning setting and the sheer beauty of this waterfall make Wailua Falls a ‘must see’ on our list of Maui waterfalls.

5. Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani, often called Three Bears Falls because it consists of 3 cascades side by side, is one of the most popular Maui waterfalls. Located approximately half a mile past mile marker 19 on the Hana Highway, Three Bears is easily accessible by the road. In order to see the falls and get some great photos, you will need to drive past the falls, where there is a small parking area.

If you are a bit adventurous, this is an excellent location to take the opportunity to take a quick dip in the plunge pool at the bottom of the waterfall. There is a short trail that will take you to the base of the falls, but be prepared for the hike to be a little tricky. The view from the bottom of the falls is worth the hike!

We hope that these amazing Maui waterfalls capture your imagination and make it onto your bucket list. If you have personally visited any of the Maui waterfalls detailed here, please take the time to share your impressions and experiences. Have you visited a waterfall that didn’t make our list but you think it should have? Then we’d love to hear the details.

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