10 Best Places to Eat in Austin with Your Family

Will you be in the Bat City with your family later this year and you want to enjoy some local food? We have 10 best places to eat in Austin. Have fun visiting one of the friendliest places in the U.S., but don’t forget to have a taste of their popular and affordable dishes while you’re at it.

1. Olamaie

best places to eat in austin local

The first family-friendly place on our list of great spots to eat in Austin, TX, is Olamaie. If your lifestyle includes getting your food from local farms, this should be your top pick when you visit Austin. From the moment you step in, you’ll be welcomed by an enjoyable atmosphere. Everything smells fresh and tastes delicious. The place is refined and committed to local sourcing for their dishes. Chefs Grae Nonas and Michael Fojtasek are always glad to help clients with recommendations, a history of the place, and so on. Their main inspiration for their menu is the American South.

2. Papalote Taco House

best places to eat in austin healthy

Hungry for some tasty tacos? The Papalote Taco House welcomes families at their main address in North Austin. You can enjoy both breakfast and lunch with your kids in a laidback atmosphere. We recommend their huaraches and tlacoyo for breakfast. For lunch, you should try the cauliflower taco. All of you will lick your fingers in no time at all. Not only are the dishes a delight, they’re also affordable.

3. Home Slice

best places to eat in austin pizza

Who’s up for some family time centered around pizza? The Home Slice will become your next favorite spot in the Capitol City. Some might say it’s one of the most hyped places in Austin. Let’s agree to disagree, shall we? The place is great for special occasions, such as kids’ birthdays. You won’t find a better New York-style pizza spot anywhere in the U.S. This place is also good at making children feel special and cared for if you want to enjoy some alone time as a couple. They offer things like pizza dough to play with and coloring books. The Home Slice can get busy, but you won’t see kids complaining. Same goes for the adults who accompany them!

4. Blue Bonnet Café or Cooper’s Bar-B-Que

best places to eat in austin meat

Situated near Llano, TX, you’ll need a car to get there. To work up an appetite, our suggestion is to go for a hike in the Inks Lake State Park first. Nature there is gorgeous and each passing season brings its own smells and colors. The Longhorn Caverns are nearby and you’ll discover amazing geologic spots. Now that you’re all hungry, head over to either the Blue Bonnet Café or Cooper’s Bar-B-Que. Each of them has its own charm, with great food being the main one. The first choice offers the kind of pie you’ll want more of after the first slice. The meat they serve at Cooper’s is all kinds of savory.

5. Italic

best places to eat in austin italian

Downtown Austin is a place of many delightful eating spots. The team behind it is responsible for places such as Easy Tiger and 24 Diner, so you know you’re in for something unique. The menu consists of many delicious dishes. You’ll get all kind of pizzas, fresh seafood, and roasted half chicken. It doesn’t end here, though. Take your time and choose your favorite antipasti variant. They have fresh-baked focaccia, nutty cheeses, and salty olives. Cured meats are another fan favorite. If you need a gluten-free menu, the Italic has you covered for lunch and dinner.

6. Micklethwait Craft Meats

best places to eat in austin trailer

Barbecue lovers will get their heart’s desire fulfilled at the Micklethwait Craft Meats. You need to know that this is a food trailer. You’ll enjoy it best when the sun is shining. One of the main advantages of such a place is that your children will have plenty of room to play while you enjoy your barbecue. Fresh sausages and pork shoulder are two of our recommendations if you happen to be there. For dessert, we suggest their homemade Moon Pies.

7. SWAD Vegetarian

best places to eat in austin vegetarian

If you and your family are vegetarians, North Austin has the perfect eating spot for you. SWAD Vegetarian serves South Indian food, but they’re a bit hard to find at first. You wouldn’t tell from the simple interior, but this place has some of the best and healthiest dishes you’ll ever find in Austin. If you’re a newbie, your first pick should be Chhole Nan. It’s chickpeas in tomato sauce with a side of naan served with onion slices and lime wedges. The Thali Special is another great dish. You’ll enjoy curries and dals with rice and bread. It costs $9.95, which is quite pricey, but you can share the portion.

8. Sandy’s

best places to eat in austin ice cream

Now that you’re stoked on breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, time for some dessert. After you visit Austin’s main attractions and you want to satisfy you and your kids’ sweet tooth, Sandy’s is your next stop. Indulge in their frozen custard cone and you won’t need something else. Except maybe more servings.

9. Teo Gelato

best places to eat in austin dessert

Austin can get pretty hot in summer. Some delicious ice cream usually does the trick. Where to find it, you ask? At Teo Gelato, easily one of the best ice cream spots in town. We tried other places, but we didn’t find anything that compares to this one.

10. Casa de Luz

best places to eat in austin spanish

Vegans will love Casa de Luz. You won’t be able to say no to the 100% organic and gluten-free menu. Each of the alkalizing meals is rich in nutrients handmade by trained chefs.

Looking for best places to eat in Austin, including vegan and vegetarian? We hand-picked 10 choices for you and your family to discover before your upcoming trip to the Big Nap. Prices are very good, so if you want to make the most out of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these are the 10 place to go to this year!

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