Best Places to Travel by Months in 2015


We all know that a well thought-out vacation can literally take months to plan. You have to find out what days you can get off from work, arrange for pets and plants to be taken care of, buy tickets in time so they won’t get too expensive, pick out the best destination to travel to, choose the ideal time period, see what you’re going to pack… the list really can go on forever. Even though we love spontaneous trips, we are all well aware that it’s best to plan and budget your trips beforehand, especially if you’re looking to travel abroad. In order to make the entire preparation process a lot easier for you, we have decided to create the ultimate calendar for your endeavors this year, with the best places to travel by months in 2015. Check them out below and have fun planning your dream vacation!



Even though we are well pass January in 2015, this is the ideal time to plan your vacation for this month next year. The great news is that not all regions face cold winter weather in January; if you want a unique vacation, you should consider trying Asia (India, Vietnam, Southern China, Burma and Thailand all enjoy the sun in this month). One of the sunniest cities to visit in January is Cape Town in South Africa. Together with Santiago, Chile, they enjoy no less than 11 hours of sunshine throughout the day. The early bird catches the worm, so plan your New Year’s or January holiday ahead of time!



Are you yearning for an unconventional Valentine’s Day next year? Plan beforehand and choose one of the best places to travel for couples. We know that the young and madly in love usually don’t have a huge budget for travels, so here are some cheap destinations that also allow you to enjoy fantastic weather: Dominican Republic, Jamaica or Mexico.  If your budget is a bit more generous, you could try the Caribbean or Florida, if you want to remain on United States territory.



Why not make next year’s Spring Break a totally unforgettable experience?  Although Cancun, Miami and South Padre Island (Texas) were some of the most popular destinations for in 2014, you can try planning your next Spring Break in a more unconventional spot like Costa Rica. The beaches on the Pacific end are exceptional for surfing and there are tons of activities for spring breakers. It’s an affordable country close to the USA, so check it out!



Although April has just passed, you can get great deals for travels in this month in 2016. Some of the best places to travel in April are Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain (if you want to hit Europe), or destinations like Tel Aviv, Beirut or Amman (if you want a cultural experience in the Middle East). Even though Southeast Asia enjoys April as the only hottest month of the year, it’s best to avoid it until fall, as prices are sure to be booming.



You still have time to pick the perfect place to travel this month! May is one of the best times you can plan your vacation, as you benefit from amazing weather and better deals. Greece is a fantastic option, while hitting France for the Cannes Film Festival (that takes place every year in May) offers an authentic cultural experience.



If you are a big fan of sea and sand vacations without crossing the US border, you should truly consider visiting San Diego, California. The beaches in this area are some of the most popular in America and June is great timing to hit them: nice temperatures and lack of crowds. Reviews show that it’s perfect for taking your kids, toddlers and even a baby, as SeaWorld, Legoland or the San Diego Zoo are top family destinations in the area.



Summer is finally here! Well, technically not yet, but it’s just around the corner. If you want to take a Euro trip, you can check out Brindisi (Italy), Thessaloniki (Greece), or Lisbon (Portugal), as they all enjoy no less than 12 hours of pure sunshine each day in July. Canada isn’t that far off either – you can hit Vancouver and benefit from 9 hours of sun a day. If you want a truly unique destination, try the Atlantic coast of Morocco in northern Africa for great weather during July.



Even though August is one of the months with amazing weather conditions almost all around the world, you should try and avoid it if you’re traveling on a budget. It reigns over all months as being one of the most popular ones to take a vacation, so the prices are going to be sky-high and the places packed with tourists. You shouldn’t consider Asia (hot & humid), Central America (rainy) or Africa (hot & dry), but rather opt for beaches on the Mediterranean coast.



September is actually one of the greatest months you can choose to travel if you’re looking for some quality alone time. If you want to fly solo and check out Italy or France free of tourists, you should plan your Euro trip in September. If want to visit places closer to home, some of the best places to travel are actually in North and Central America.



If you can manage getting off work or school in October, you are going to have to hit the south for pleasant weather, as it is generally a month of transition for climates world-wide. October is the cheapest month to visit the Caribbean, while you enjoy fair weather and the luxurious beaches all tourist-free. You can also try southern parts of Europe, like Greece or Turkey.



Make this year’s Thanksgiving a real reason to be thankful for! Be daring and travel to Hong Kong for the Festival of Asian Arts, an exquisite event beloved by women and men alike and that can be enjoyed even by a toddler, while enjoying pleasant weather. Be careful to avoid Central America however, as November marks the peak of the rainy season.



What better way to celebrate Christmas and the end of an awesome year than by treating your family to an unforgettable vacation? Enjoy the holiday season by skiing in Colorado or soaking up some sun in Rio de Janeiro. If you really want a sunny Christmas, you have to try out Australia and make sure you attend their super cool cultural festivals.

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