10 Relaxing Weekend Getaways for Couples from NYC

Couples decry the scarcity of relaxing weekend getaways, because of a variety of factors such as lack of time, costs or the amount of traveling and planning require for a gratifying experience. In order to reduce that kind of anxieties, we have compiled a list of 10 relaxing weekend getaways for couples that are within driving distance of New York City. Check out these destinations if you want to (re)capture the enchanting and evocative atmosphere of New England’s magnificent sights.


10 Relaxing Weekend Getaways


1. The Pitcher Inn

In Warren, VT is one of the better known weekend escapes for couples looking for romance and relaxation. A five-hour-drive from NYC, the area surrounding Warren is part of the mountainous range of the Green Mountains. Therefore, there is no shortage of activities related to the great outdoors, specifically hiking, skiing, golf or tennis. The delightful maze of Warren’s tight alleys provides the perfect setting for a nocturnal romantic sleigh ride in the winter months. The Inn has numerous packages specifically designed for couples in their rustic fragment of Eden.

10 relaxing getaways for cuples

Pitcher Inn Interior

2. Kykuit

Is only an hour’s drive from the city, overseeing the Hudson in the town of Mount Pleasant, NY. Kykuit is a mansion built by John D. Rockefeller, the famous oil tycoon, and world’s first official billionaire. The house was completed in 1913, being a four-story manor in the late Georgian style. The surrounding 3500-acre estate is known as Pocantico Hills and is complete with artificial lakes and golf courses. Kykuit is one of United States’ most famous residences still in private ownership, public visits being organized by the Historic Hudson Valley society. The entire estate is a National Historic Landmark since 1976.

3. The Equinox Resort

In the eponymous Equinox Historic District, part of Manchester, VT. You may need to drive close to four hours from NYC, yet even famous individuals like Mary Todd Lincoln or Ulysses S. Grant have traveled the same distance in search for the spa waters which spring from the Equinox Mountain. Obviously, the attractions center on the many spa centers, a haven for yoga or Pilates aficionados. Furthermore, there are numerous golf courses and even an 80-acre establishment dedicated to those who enjoy off-road driving. Prices at the Equinox Hotel begin at just $177/night for two adults.

Vermont landscape

Equinox Resort Outdoor View

4. The Point Resort

In the village of Saranac Lake, NY lies in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, a five-hour car ride from NYC. Cruises on the lake in the twilight atmosphere are meant to reignite passion and romance in couples of all ages. Golfing, hiking, swimming or horseback riding are activities that should fill the leisurely hours of the day, and for the winter days, a plethora of activities lie at your disposal along the infrastructure-rich trails of Mount Van Hoevenberg. All the luxury suites at the Point have a view of the lake, for the steep figure of $1,500 per night.

5. Sunnyside

In Tarrytown, NY – just a swift 45-minute drive away from NYC, it is a rural retreat that was the home of celebrated writer Washington Irving (1783-1859). The cottage is built in the medieval English style and sits on a 10-acre estate. Weather permitting, you may enjoy a picnic on the banks of the Hudson River and admire the view of the surroundings from the Spanish Tower, an adage to the house commissioned by Irving in the vein of Moorish minarets. The domain is now a museum dedicated to its former master’s work and has been a National Historic Landmark since 1962.

6. The Lyndhurst Mansion

Is located in the vicinity of Sunnyside also on the Hudson, and is a manor in the Gothic style (in both its external appearance and the interior). The 67-acre estate surrounding the house comes alive in the spring, thanks to the careful planning of English naturalist Ferdinand Mangold, whose exquisite arrangements are followed to this day. The idyllic landscape has been featured in a plethora of television series and films, including a documentary about the pioneers of American industry and finance, shot in and around Lyndhurst mansion.  A National Historic Landmark since 1966.

Lyndhurst Castle

The Lyndhurst Gothic Mansion

7. Lake Placid, NY

The small town in the Adirondack Mountains has hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1932 and 1980 and is a demanding four and a half hour’s drive from NYC. Aside from the many activities included in the winter sports category, there are numerous businesses that offer guided trips into the mountains, or organize canoeing, fishing or mountain biking expeditions. You may also visit the Winter Olympic Museum. For premium accommodation, we recommend The Mirror Lake Inn resort and spa, which offers a diverse range of things to do on their impressive grounds and busy events calendar.

8. Storm King Art Center

Is an outdoors museum in Mountainville, NY. Visitors may immerse themselves in the dual beauty of the 500-acre estate and the 500+ sculptures by modern artists (such as Alexander Calder or David Smith) carefully laid out on the grounds. The center has functioned in this manner since the late 1960’s and their collection of artworks is in a state of perennial expansion. Admission is just $15/adult and there are a lot more amenities at the tourist’s disposal, with bike rentals and painting and sculpture classes. Storm King is a staple of the Hudson Valley’s artistic scene, being just an hour’s drive from Manhattan.

9. Castle Hill Resort, VT

Is located in the Green Mountains, catering to the desires of both those who prefer an active holiday and those who are more inclined to loafing around. An early 20th-century mansion in the Appalachians, with ten luxurious rooms, is at the heart of the resort. The list of activities is a lengthy one – biking, hiking or renowned fishing sites for the summertime; snowmobiling, skiing or snowboarding, for the winter months. The nearby Aveda Concept Spa provides an assortment of treatments to soothe your stressed-out body. Reservations start from $189.

10. Nantucket Island

Located approximately 30 miles south of Cape Cod offers a relaxing mix of nature and civilization, with its charming scenery filled with beaches and an array of outdoor and indoor activities that should satisfy even the most demanding tourists. The setting of Melville’s classic Moby Dick, Nantucket is famous for the many spots valued by fishermen from all over New England. The sequence of lighthouses and historic homes along the coastline make Nantucket a haven for wanderers trying to escape the burdensome atmosphere of the big city. We recommend the celebrated Jared Coffin House, a historic inn where reservations start at just under $200.

Photo of a lighthouse

One Of The Many Lighthouses On Nantucket

There are a lot more relaxing weekend getaways that couples can enjoy, in the proximity of NYC. What other destinations do you believe should have made our list?

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