15 Breath-Taking Beaches You Must Visit


Who doesn’t dream about white sand beaches, with foam like champagne and crystal-clear water? Our planet has been blessed with countless beaches that will literally leave you breathless. From Europe, to Asia, Australia and even Africa, you can find some of the most gorgeous beaches you will ever lay eyes on. Don’t worry though, our first pick on the list isn’t as far away from as you would imagine it to be. Discover all of these mouth-watering, mind-blowing, breath-taking beaches you must visit at least once in your life and let us know which one impressed you the most!


1. Lanikai Beach (Oahu, Hawaii)

Located in Oahu, Hawaii, Lanikai literally is translated as “heavenly sea” from Hawaiian. It’s easy to see why they chose this as the name for their world-renowned beach, as it truly seems heaven-sent. Even though it isn’t the largest beach in Hawaii (spreading across about half a mile), it is appreciated as being one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. It is the perfect place to take your family if you want to get away from home and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.


2. Maya Bay (Ko Phi Phi Lee, Thailand)

Maya Bay isn’t a single beach, but rather a collection of smaller beaches, all bordered by huge and stunning cliffs. Located in the Ko Phi Phi Lee island in Thailand, Maya Bay welcomes guests with extraordinarily colored coil, numerous species of fish and some of the clearest water you will ever enjoy on a beach. The area gained notoriety particularly after the movie “The Beach” was shot there in 2000. We can easily understand why they chose Maya Bay as the site.


3. Anse Source d’Argent (La Digue, Seychelles)

One of the most popular beaches in the entire world is the Anse Source d’Argent, located in the archipelago of Seychelles on the east side of Africa. The beach itself basically glows with luxury and sheer beauty. But you don’t have to worry, not all forms of accommodation are that expensive; many locals offer guest rooms for rent so you can seize the opportunity to see this God-given gift with your own eyes. Reviewers state that any photo taken on the beach, from any angle, will be as breath-taking as reality.


4. Rabbit Beach (Lampedusa, Italy)

We all love Italy for its gorgeous landmarks and abundance of history and culture, but did you know that the boot-shaped country hosts one of the most exquisite beaches in the world? We are talking about Rabbit Beach (heh, there are no rabbits there actually), located in Lampedusa, Italy. In 2013, it was voted as TripAdvisor’s Best Beach in the World, and we can totally understand why. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway with your loved one, where you can enjoy total peace and tranquility.


5. Seven Mile Beach (Grand Cayman)

Although it isn’t actually seven miles long (around 5, to be precise), this Grand Cayman beach is one of the true gems of the Caribbean. It has been dubbed “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” by multiple magazines and is, thankfully, on public property. This breath-taking beach is home to numerous luxury hotels and resorts, and for a very good reason. If you’re in the mood for an adventure, then try snorkeling and enjoy the underwater beauty that the Seven Mile Beach has to offer.


6. Elafonissi Beach (Crete, Greece)

We all know that Greece hosts one of the most astonishing beaches in the world, but there is one that really stands out among the others. We are talking about the Elafonissi Beach, located in the homonymous island which translated into “Deer Island”, in Crete. The beach itself is located in a National Park and it is a perfect destination for families, with its clean sand and waters. Many reviewers report that you must visit this beach at least once if you are in Crete.


7. Matira Beach (Bora Bora, French Polynesia)

We all know that Bora Bora is almost like a piece of paradise on Earth, but the Matira Beach is really one of the most exceptional places you can visit while staying there. In fact, it is actually the only beach in Bora Bora that is open to the public. It’s great if you want to escape from urban chaos and just relax and unwind. Be careful to not visit when cruise ships are in, though, as it can become really crowded and ruin the generally peaceful vibe.


8. Fraser Island (Queensland, Australia)

Wow, Fraser Island really is a sight for sore eyes. This amazing island is located off the coast of Queensland, Australia, and is officially the world’s biggest sand island (more than 75 miles!). Aside from some of the most eye-catching beaches in the world, Fraser Island also houses more than 100 freshwater lakes, which are some of the cleanest on the planet. Many people also enjoy visiting Fraser Island for the high chances of seeing a dingo face to face. Pretty cool, right?


9. Playa de Ses Illetes (Balaeric Islands, Spain)

If you’re on vacation in Ibiza, you have to stop by the Playa de Ses Illetes, located in the Balaeric Islands. This paradise on Earth welcomes visitors with warm, clean and crystal-clear water, just like in the Caribbean. All reviews clearly state that it is a wonderful destination to get away and feel like you’re in heaven. Make sure you pack an umbrella, food and drinks beforehand, as you won’t be able to benefit from them on the beach. However, if your budget in generous, you can dine at some of the local restaurants.


10. Baia do Sancho (Fernando de Noronha, Brazil)

In 2015, Baia do Sancho has been awarded with the Travelers’ Choice Award for The Best Beach yet again, after ranking in at number 1 in 2014 as well. The wonderful beach is located on the Fernando de Noronha archipelago in Brazil and offers literally anything you could dream of from a beach. There are no problems with finding shade, there are great areas for soaking up the sun for a tan, and fantastic areas for swimming, all in the same place. You can go snorkeling and discover beautiful turtles and fish or even go hiking to explore the local fauna and flora. All visitors claim that it was one of the most beautiful beaches they have ever traveled to in their entire lives.


11. Plage de Tahiti (St. Tropez, France)

Welcome to Saint Tropez! If you’re looking for a memorable time in one of the most luxurious regions of the world, you have to check out Page de Tahiti in Saint Tropez. Even though it isn’t it the party-hard area of Pampelonne Beach (it’s actually located north of it), it is a gorgeous alternative with awesome restaurants that are more affordable. You can benefit from sunbathing completely free of charge in the public section, but make sure you bring everything that will make you feel comfortable.


12. Bells Beach (Victoria, Australia)

If you love extreme sports or if you simply want to relax under the sun and watch, you should definitely hit Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia. The beach hosts the longest-running surfing competition in the entire world, “Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival” (since 1961!), which is super fun to take part in. Scenes of the beach have been included in multiple movies (especially with surf themes) and provide an unforgettable experience if you want to have some unconventional fun on your vacation.


13. El Castillo / Tulum (Quintana Rico, Mexico)

Not only is El Castillo a superb destination for beach-goers, but it is also a fascinating historical landmark. The area itself is actually a Maya site which houses spectacular ruins on cliffs 39 feet tall. Tulum is known as one of the last cities that Mayas built and lived in, so you can easily understand its historical value. On your trip there, you should check out the Temple of the Descending God, the Temple of the Frescoes and El Castillo, some of the most appreciated buildings in the area.


14. Whitehaven Beach (Whitsunday Island, Australia)

Australia makes our list once again with another piece of heaven on earth. Whitehaven Beach is located on Whitsunday Island and really seems out of this world. The beach is no less than 7 glorious kilometers long and has enjoyed multiple recognitions and awards throughout the years. The beach got its name from its amazing white sand, which has the ability to not retain heat and is comfortable to walk on without any shoes.  Blissful, stunning and peaceful are just a few of the adjectives that visitors use to describe the beach.


15. Rarotonga (Cook Islands)

Breath-taking would really be an understatement when trying to describe Rarotonga. The aerial view of the Cook Islands region is enough to leave you speechless, but if you look deeper you will be even more amazed. Palm trees, white sand and surreal water welcome all visitors on the island, as well as numerous memorable activities like hiking, scuba diving or snorkeling.

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