Top 7 Best Places to Eat in Chicago

If you ever find yourself in the Windy City, wondering where you could have your breakfast, lunch or dinner, we have you covered with our top 7 best places to eat in Chicago, IL. Whether you are in search of a quick and delicious breakfast, a cheap dinner or a laid-back pizza, you will find that Chicago manages to satisfy even the choosiest of palates. Get ready for an appetizing journey that will leave you wishing you could board a plane right now and land in Chicago.

1. The Purple Pig

Top 7 Best Places to Eat in Chicago for dinner

Close to the Magnificent Mile, The Purple Pig has an award-winning Chef in 2014: Jimmy Banos Jr., the founder of the restaurant. You can be sure you won’t be disappointed with the food or the service here! The only problem might be finding a table. The place can easily get overcrowded. Make sure you make reservations beforehand. The best way to try the food at The Purple Pig is with a friend, since the plates served here are quite large and meant for sharing.

A real love for meat is a must, even though you can find a few vegetarian dishes. The food served here is on the heavy side and even the antipasti have a little bit of pork in them, like the Pork Fried Almonds. Main Courses include pork steaks, but also turkey or beef dishes. If you love seafood, you might want to try their Octopus with Green Beans. Desserts don’t come in a great variety, but you can try a good Affogato or a delicious Lemon Panna Cotta and you won’t be sorry.

2. Avec

Best Places to Eat in Chicago

Burger fans, prepare for a delight! The Avec Burger with beef and chorizo is one of the most hyped and delightful meals you can have in Chicago. In fact, one of the dishes the Avec Restaurant serves, the bacon-wrapped dates, is considered to be iconic for Chicago. If you are a vegetarian or are accompanied by one, there is no need to worry! Avec serves great vegetarian dishes, from lentil soups to beet tartines. They also have a separate lunch and dinner menu, so you won’t get bored if you decide to spend an entire day close to this restaurant.

As with The Purple Pig, Avec can get quite crowded and loud. This might stand in the way of enjoying your meal if you are more of a private person. Another downside is that the interior of the restaurant has a minimalist, Scandinavian design that is reminiscent of a sauna. However, if you are looking for a European vibe, this might be the place for you.

3. Alinea

7 Best Places to Eat in Chicago

If you are looking for a real gourmet dinner, then you should try Alinea Restaurant in Chicago. There is no exaggeration in calling it one of the best restaurants in the world. Many Alinea clients have described the place as the realm where art meets cuisine, and they were right. You can read all the details about the amazing idea that led to the creation of this restaurant on their website. We will only say that eating here is a true culinary experience.

You should also prepare for a hefty bill. Before we get to the food, you should know that the restaurant is located near Lincoln Park, so if you find yourself downtown or near the Loop, don’t hesitate to pay them a visit. The menu is definitely a gourmet one, but don’t worry about the staff being pretentious. Everyone will try to make you feel at home. In terms of food, you should most certainly try their desserts and tapas, but come with an open mind since the courses here will not be your typical ones. Prepare for a real spectacle!

4. The Original Pancake House

Top 7 Best Places to Eat in Chicago for lunch

Who doesn’t love a warm pancake for breakfast? With a variety of toppings to choose from, The Original Pancake House will make you feel right at home, even though you might be miles away. Pancakes are not the only thing they serve, so you can delight yourself with waffles, crepes or a vegetarian omelette. This is definitely a no-frills place, so if the gourmet experience of Alinea is not your thing, you should consider this homely pancake house.

5. Home Run Inn Pizza

Top 7 Best Places to Eat in Chicago for pizza lovers

The best place to eat with your kids is at a pizza place and the one we recommend in Chicago is the Home Run Inn Pizza. All you need to know about this place is that they serve great pizza and great food in a warm and cozy atmosphere. No one will frown down upon you for bringing your children with you, so you can let them run wild and enjoy your meal. Pizza is not the only thing they serve, you can also choose from a variety of cupcakes for dessert.

6. Yolk

Top 7 Best Places to Eat in Chicago for breakfast

If you’re into seasonal food, then go to Yolk! They have the best selection of seasonal dishes from Taffy Apple Crepes to Pumpkin Swirl French Toast. They have also expanded their network to reach Texas, so you can also try some of their seasonal dishes there. Those of you that are only looking for the best place to eat eggs will also find a yummy menu that has everything from scrambled eggs to omelettes and eggs Benedict.

7. MingHin Cuisine

Top 7 Best Places to Eat in Chicago

If you want to venture to Chinatown, but still want to enjoy a meal in a fancy place, MingHin Cuisine awaits you! From premium seafood to soups, hotpots, grills or poultry, MingHin has everything you could desire. You can choose from their varied dinner menu or from their Dim Sum menu.

We recommend the MingHin’s Shrimp Dumpling or the Siu Mai, but any of their seafood dishes is a must. They also offer rooms for private dining, so if you want to celebrate in style, call them for a reservation. Chinatown might be out of your way, so MingHin Cuisine has you covered with their Loop-located restaurant. Leave the quiet world of the suburb behind and feel the pulse of the city, downtown.

These were our top 7 best places to eat in Chicago. If the wind in your sails ever brings you to the Windy City, you will know the best place to anchor for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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