World’s 10 Best Places to Travel Alone

Our top 10 best places to travel alone will satisfy your wanderlust, but also offer the best tips on staying safe when travelling internationally. If you are reading this and are under 18, do not travel alone! A legal guardian or a parent should always accompany you, especially if you are travelling to remote areas of the world.

1. Alaska

Best Places to Travel Alone: alaska

Alaska is seen as one of the safest places to travel alone, even if you are a woman. This US state can also be a good option in terms of saving money, as long as you spend a few days in one place. Because public transport is not recommended in Alaska and also does not span over the entire state, you will have to rent a car in order to get around. As a single traveller, it might be best not to hitchhike. Depending on where you are coming from to Alaska, you can always find great deals for plane tickets. Popular destinations in Alaska include Anchorage from where you go visit Denali, the Glacier Bay from where you can go south to Wrangell, or Talkeetna.

2. Turkey

Best Places to Travel Alone: turkey

Turkey might be the closest you can get nowaday to the Middle East, in terms of safety. A trip to Saudi Arabia might be an adventurous vacation, but multiple warnings have been issued  by western governments regarding the safety of travelling there. Turkey can prove to be a much better option. You can still get a feel of the exotic, delight yourself with strong coffee and tasty sweets, or bask in the sun. In terms of safety for female travellers, we would recommend staying as close as possible to the European continent by visiting Istanbul. Even so, there are divergent opinions regarding safety for women with recent incidents deterring most females from travelling alone to Istanbul. If you venture out alone, Turkey can be one of the most fun travelling experiences, as long as you get the appropriate information regarding safety and apparel.

3. South West England

Best Places to Travel Alone: england

If you are travelling alone and you enjoy a weathered landscape, the you should consider the southwest region of England. You can choose from National Parks to Stonehenge, or the Jurassic Coast, one of the greatest natural wonders in Britain. Cheddar cheese, Devon cream teas, or apple cider, they will all keep you company on your adventure in Europe. British Airways offer amazing deals on plane tickets, and in terms of airline safety, you cannot do better. England is not a cheap place for vacations, but South West England might be worth your money.

4. Argentina

Best Places to Travel Alone: argentina

Argentina is one of the best places to travel alone in South America. Argentinians are kind and warm-hearted people who will always offer their help. Many people fear Argentina and South American countries because of the poverty and higher crime rates, but as long as you keep your wits about you, there is nothing to worry about. Common sense should be enough to get you back home safe when it comes to avoiding dangerous situations or areas. Enjoy a bitter but flavorful Yerba Mate, an intoxicatingly sweet Dulce de Leche, or the snow in Bariloche. You won’t regret a thing!

5. India

Best Places to Travel Alone: india

If you are looking for a spiritual trip, India can be one of the best destinations abroad for travelling alone. Regardless of age, India will satisfy your every want and will turn your holidays into spiritual awakenings. Our tips are keeping an open mind and heart and getting appropriate health insurance. Also, remember that India is a conservative country and as a female, you should respect that by dressing appropriately – cover your shoulders and legs and do not sport  a cleavage. If you are looking for beautiful scenery you might want to go visit the Ganges Delta, the largest one in the world.

6. Bali

Best Places to Travel Alone: bali

Bali is one of the best places to travel alone for those who are in search of exotic parties and unlimited fun. However, that is not the only thing Baly has to offer. If you are travelling alone you can relax at a Beach Club, or participate in cooking and yoga classes. The world might seem enough after you visit Bali.

7. Australia

Best Places to Travel Alone: australia

Bask in the sun, but use sunblock, stay in hostels, but join the youth hostelling association, and do not walk alone at night in remote wild areas. Australia is not only the home of the friendly Koala, but also that of crocodiles and Dingos. Sure, it can feel like Australia is at the end of the world, but how about giving it a chance anyways? You won’t be disappointed, especially if you are travelling alone. If you are worried about safety, then you should know that Sydney is one of the safest cities to visit.

8. Ottawa, Canada

Best Places to Travel Alone

Ottawa is no minor city. As Canada’s capital city, it will offer you the excitement of an urban life, the safety of a small town in Switzerland, and a multicultural vibe which can be hard to find someplace else. Even a child would be safe here.

9. Italy

10 Best Places to Travel Alone

If you’re thinking of a Roman holiday, you won’t be disappointed by Italy. What could be more enchanting than the romantic streets of Rome, or a creamy gelato. If sweets are not your thing, then try a pizza, and if Rome is not your city, then try Venice, Verona, Padua, or venture out to Sicily. You should not place yourself under any limitations when in Italy. If you are a female travelling alone, expect some catcalling from boisterous Italian men, but make sure you don’t engage with them. Now you have nothing to worry about anymore!

10. Thailand

World’s 10 Best Places to Travel Alone

Many airlines offer trips to Thailand, so you won’t have a problem getting there. Offering an alternative to India in terms of spiritual vacations, Thailand can also be a heavenly place for those looking for beautiful coastlines and beaches. If you are interested in history, do not miss out on the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, or Lopburi. Just remember that Thailand’s culture might be very different from your own and you should read in advance all the legal advice you can find on websites or on an online forum.

These were our 10 best place to travel alone. Pack your bag, write down a few inspirational quotes, and listen to The Traveling Wilburys. You’re ready to go!

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