The Ultimate Guide to Your First Trip Abroad

Planning Planning for a first time traveling overseas may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not, once you break it all down to a few very basic questions and possible answers. Here are all the essentials you will need to consider: Where do you want to go? ·         Africa Great for: wildlife tours, the most ancient cultural heritage in the world (think ‘cradle of civilization’), incredibly rich cultural diversity. Watch out for: endemic violence, horrible infrastructure, … [Read more...]

Tips For Traveling Overseas: “A Mission a Day”

When we have an extended stay in one place we flesh out the day with a “mission”. A mission is any task you need to accomplish which will, by definition, be more difficult in a foreign country.  It could be buying mustard (which sometimes comes in a tube) or acquiring train tickets. These missions present endless opportunities to wander into new areas of the city and engage locals you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. Sometimes they turn into absurd adventures. Recently we were in the southern … [Read more...]

Traveling For A Year

So you have the time and the money to take a twelve (or 15 or 24) month break from your life and try on a new one for size. What could possibly be more exciting?  What follows are a few tips for traveling overseas long term. Before you leave home you will have to deal with a few issues (see Leaving Home Checklist).  If you will be away for an extended time, you will need to find a way to handle bills, taxes and other such items in addition to the more prosaic deliveries and plant … [Read more...]