A Must-See Tourist Attraction: Chicago History Museum

Chicago history museum

The Windy City gets its name not from the fact that its location on Lake Michigan onslaughts the city with a great deal of wind, but instead from the sordid history of its corrupt politicians.

It was said that they blew wherever the money went, and in a way, that statement is entirely
true. Infamous figureheads like Al Capone were born and raised in this seedy environment, and as a result, flourished in it.

You can still go to one of Al Capone’s classic bars to this day, called the Green Mill. It is an
old speak easy, with wooden cash registers and old, golden neon lights that give the place a smoky glow.

If you peek behind the bar, you can see the old trap door that still connects to old underground tunnels. These tunnels sprawl throughout the city and served as the major
arteries of his bootlegging operation.

Chicago is brimming with fascinating history, and places like this provide a unique preview of its tumultuous history.

Understanding a places’ history helps you understand the place itself, and it is for this reason that you shouldn’t forgo the history museum on your trip to Chicago.

With a city as unique as Chicago, this is a no-brainer.


Chicago history museum

This museum has been around for over 100 years. Founded in 1856 as a nonprofit organization, it serves as the city’s oldest cultural institution.

It has undergone extensive remodeling as recently as 2006. This organization is the pride of local Chicago residents and is the culmination of over 150 years of cultural tradition and achievement


So, noting this, what you will find there is a beautiful representation of the tapestry that is
Chicago’s cultural heritage. Furthermore, depending on what time of year it is, that tapestry of history it shows shall change.


Chicago's blues all stars

Anyone who has heard of Chicago has also heard of its strong musical traditions. Blues, Jazz, and House all played an important role in defining the Windy City, and the Chicago history Museum offers you a fascinating look into how black migrants from the south brought blues to Chicago.

When the blues travelled to Chicago, the music itself changed. First, it served as the cushion on which migrants leaned on to find a new home in a hostile city environment.
Racism defined their existence, and blues helped these families find and define a new home.

Second, the music itself changed. It became more electric in order to compete with the
electricity of the city environment. It lost a bit of its grassroot sounds, becoming a whole new genre that is now integral to black history.

After you visit this exhibit, you can begin to appreciate the city in a whole new light. When
you go to blues bars and see the prevalence of black history within the city itself, you can truly appreciate where it came from.


Chicago history museum

Visiting the Chicago history museum can also help you appreciate current political discourse on race and identity. This city plays a large role in defining black culture, what freedom means for the families that live there, and what makes the great city their home.

In other words, these exhibits are not just snippets into what makes Chicago the Windy City,
but they are also an integral part of the history of this nation.

Chicago has played a larger role in our nation’s trajectory than you think. These exhibits do a wonderful job of giving you profound insight into the unique culture of Chicago itself, while positioning the importance of that history within the larger discourse.

This is, in part, due to the fact that the city served as a major artery for cross-continental
trade during the 19th and early 20th century. A lot passed through the metropolis, and the Chicago history Museum does an amazing job representing that.


Chicago history museum

This is more of a place you might want to take the kids if they get extremely bored with the
information packed cultural exhibits.

This is brimming with various interactive exhibits that narrate the varied history of the city
itself. While you explore other parts of the museum, your kid can find a plethora of entertainment here.

They don’t just make this fun, but educational as well, meaning your kid will learn a great
deal about national and Chicagoan history while getting rid of some pent-up energy.


Chicago history museum

Besides the diverse, fascinating culture that defines the city, there is also a unique
palate that the Windy City is known for.

Everyone has heard of deep dish pizza and the famous Chicago hot dog. The museum is a great place to understand not only where that taste came from, but where to start on your
culinary journey.

If you are visiting for the first time, the list of places to visit for good food can be slightly overwhelming. So, instead of sorting through the nearly endless options, head to the museum to find a few places that will offer you a unique peek into the history of the city with some great food.


If you want something more than the traditional museum experience, than attending one of
their unique programs or events might be right up your alley.

You can take a swing through the museum and end it by watching, perhaps, a film that documents how FDR and Chicago formed a relationship that helped win WWII.

Other events, such as bike tours, runs through the shopping district, walks through the historic part of town, and even a playboy walking tour is offered frequently. This is a
wonderful addition in that it gets you out of the museum and into the city itself, so you can see the exhibit in real time.

These events help round out the entire museum experience, offering you something unique while still affording you a priceless glimpse into a rich cultural heritage.

You can find a full schedule of these programs and events scheduled as far as 3 months ahead of time, so you can incorporate them into your future trip.


No matter your age or preference, this museum provides entertainment. It has been around for over 150 years, and through that time fine-tuned ways in which to provide both an educational experience and a fun experience.

This organization has also managed to condense hundreds of years into one building. This is the penultimate of the history of the city’s corruption, beautiful music traditions and a varied cultural history that only a professional narrative can truly help a tourist understand.

When you are planning your first visit to Chicago, or if you have visited before and just
want to see the city again, make sure that you make this museum a part of your visit.

Even if you live in the city and want to understand your home as a part of history, then
visiting the Chicago History Museum is a great option for a day trip with your family or friends

Often times, you don’t truly understand the full picture of where you are from, as you and your community tend to be such an integral part of that culture. Visiting the Chicago history museum can help you understand where your community came from and how it came to be the way it is today.

Last but not least, the money you spend visiting the museum is spent wisely on local community development and support. The funds are all funneled back into the communities that define the city, and your visit helps support city residents and cultural development, all while bringing money into the area via tourism.