China Travel Guide – The Basics

Are you looking for the best places to visit in China? Or are you preparing for a trip to China and you want to know what are the most popular destinations there? Even more so, are you simply fascinated with the Chinese culture and want to read more about it? No matter which one of the situations above you relate to, our China travel guide will be able to help you out. Today, we are going to provide you with an overview of where you should go in China, and what are the “musts” in terms of places and sites to visit. Let’s get started, shall we?

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China Travel Guide – Where Should I Go?


The capital city of China, Beijing should clearly be one of the first places to visit on your China travel guide. It is the nation’s epicenter, where all the economic, political, cultural, educational, and international power is located. Due to its location, Beijing is also one of the most important ports of entry and transportation hubs. Beijing has a long history, being one of China’s six ancient cities, and one where tourists can find a mixture of ancient and modern that is truly fascinating. Because as old as it is, Beijing is also one of China’s most modern cities today. Precisely because of this contrast, many foreign tourists choose Beijing as their travel destination.


If you are not going to visit Beijing, then you should definitely visit Shanghai. This city is a true international metropolis. People from all over the world are gathered here, and the international atmosphere makes it a great place to visit. If there is one place in China where the development and modernization are palpable, then this is it. Because of this, and because of the multiculturalism that characterizes it, Shanghai is a really interesting mixture of western culture and oriental one. Modern and traditional, old and new, oriental and western, Shanghai should be on your China travel guide.

Hong Kong

Another city worth putting on your China travel guide, Hong Kong is a leading center of the world’s finances, economy, and trade. The interesting thing about this city is that it is made up of 4 parts, each that seem to be designed for a different type of traveler. So if you like the sea and want to go shopping, you should go to Hong Kong Island. If you are a fan of urban areas, visit the Kowloon Peninsula. But if you like to be out in nature and have a relaxing vacation, you should try going to The New Territories and Outlying Islands. Either way, if you go to China, you should also visit Hong Kong, if not in its entirety, then at least the parts that you feel you’d like most.

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The eternal city, how it was called in ancient times, Xian is one of the places where the ancient Chinese civilization was born. So if you want to experience China’s history, you will probably want to include Xian on your China travel guide. There are so many historical sites and cultural relics, that you will have to take your time visiting them. But it is absolutely worth it, since you will feel as if you were immersed in China’s magnificent historical heritage.

China Travel Guide – What Should I Visit?

The Great Wall of China

One of the great wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is a must-visit on any tourist’s China travel guide. This impressive piece of architecture goes through mountains, desserts, plateaus, grasslands, and so on, stretching around 13,170 miles on China’s territory. It is more than 2,000 years old, and even though it is not preserved in its entirety, its incredible architecture and charged historical significance makes it one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

The Forbidden City

If you’ve decided to go to Beijing, then your China travel guide wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Forbidden City, which lies right at the center of it. It served as a palace for emperors, and its name comes from the fact that it was forbidden for common people to enter the premises without permission from the emperor. Nowadays, it is known as the Palace Museum, the world’s largest palace complex. Tourists from all over the world come to visit this truly astonishing palace, spending several hours exploring its wonders. If what we’ve told you about it has made you curious, then you should be one of them.

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The Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is made up of warriors and horses that have been dug up in the 20th century in Lintong, Xian, Shaanxi Province, China. This discovery is actually the largest archaeological excavation of that century, and the site should be included in any person’s China travel guide. There is even a museum there, called The Museum of Qin Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses. The most popular attractions here are the life size figures of warriors and horses made or terracotta, that are made to look as the original imperial guard, and which are arranged as in a battle position.

The Silk Road

The famous international trade route between China and the Mediterranean, the Silk Road got his name as a result of the fact that a lot of silk was transported from China at that time. It is made up of 33 historical sites, which should definitely be included in your China travel guide, especially if you are interested in ancient history, and it is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

The Li River

If you want to experience China far away from the agitated cities and modern technology, we suggest you include a cruise on the Li River on your China travel guide. Not only will you get to see incredible scenery, but you will also familiarize yourself with the more traditional inhabitants of China, those who reap rice paddies and fish on the Li River. So if you want to spend 5 hours exploring some of the wilder parts of China, you won’t be disappointed in this cruise.

Yangtze River

The largest river in China, the Yangtze River goes from west to east, passing through 11 provinces and cities. This river is not only beautiful to look at, it is also important for China’s history, economy, and culture. It is home of the Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydropower station in the world. Make sure to add this on your China travel guide, if you want to take a cruise through some of China’s ancient sites, while being surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Everything Summed up

These are definitely only some of the many attractions you can visit in China. However, we did our best to include some of the most important and popular ones. Especially if you don’t have entire weeks or months to spend in China, we suggest you stick to our China travel guide and discover the best that China has to offer in no time. Enjoy your trip!

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