Poshtels: 10 Luxury Hostels in Europe


Are you spontaneous, outgoing and adventurous? Then backpacking through Europe is what you should plan this summer! Besides seeing some of the most beautiful countries the world has to offer, a Euro trip will leave you with unforgettable memories of partying all night long, meeting locals and other travelers and discovering the incredible history of the continent. If you’re looking to hit more than one country, then accommodation can get quite expensive. If you’re not into couch surfing, we warmly recommend choosing a hostel while staying in a European country. You would be surprised to find out that staying at a hostel doesn’t mean that you have to reside in unpleasant conditions. In fact, the phenomenon of luxury hostels has become so popular, that the places have been dubbed as “poshtels”. Find it hard to believe that a hostel can reach luxury standards? Check out these mind-blowing 10 poshtels in Europe and make sure to visit them when you’re in the countries mentioned below!


1. Cocomama (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Tourists hit Amsterdam for quite a few obvious reasons, aside from the gorgeous city itself. One of the most amazing places you can stay in the city is the Cocomama hostel. Everything about this place is a delight to behold, from the themed rooms to the fully equipped kitchen and A+ staff. Visitors were particularly happy with the services and the staff, saying that activities take place every night and members of the staff even go out with you!


2. U Hostel (Madrid, Spain)

“U” is actually the first luxury hostel established in Madrid. Reviews show nothing but praise, and we can completely understand why, from seeing the photos. Clean, gorgeous rooms and staff, fantastic location, beautiful view and great prices are just a few of the advantages of staying at U Hostel when traveling to Madrid. There are literally no negative reviews about this hostel, so check it out if you’re in Spain!


3. Olive Tree (Bari, Italy)

Even though it isn’t the most well-known hostel on our list, Olive Tree (located in Bari, Italy) is definitely a poshtel you should check out if you plan to visit this country. It received clean, 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor from all users, for multiple reasons. Olive Tree stands out among other forms of accommodation in Bari by offering delicious and praised breakfast, a delightful staff and top-of-the-notch services.


4. Gallery Hostel (Porto, Portugal)

What happens when you take artwork, fun and luxury standards and mix them all in one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal? You get the lovely Gallery Hostel, located on Rua Miguel Bombarda, 222, in Porto. Many visitors compared the hostel to a multiple-starred hotel with excellent conditions and service. Reviewers widely agree that it is the best place to stay in Porto.


5. ONE80° Hostel (Berlin, Germany)

Berlin is known as one of the most artsy and bohemian cities in all of Europe. It’s natural that this beautiful city would host equally beautiful hostels for its guests. One of our favorites is the ONE80° Hostel, located on Otto-Braun-Strasse no. 65. Super chic and reasonably priced for its services and appearance, the ONE80° Hostel benefits from a great location (in the city center) and also great reviews, thanks to their friendly staff.


6. Kex (Reykjavik, Iceland)

If you happen to be traveling to Iceland and are looking for a place where you can actually feel like home, the Kex Hostel is the place for you. Located in the lovely city of Reykjavik, Kex has an exceptional bar with plenty of activities in store for the guests. The staff is super friendly and is committed to meeting your every requirement while you stay, also offering lockers to visitors. This place is super fun for party-goers, so make sure you check it out.


7. Goli & Bosi Design Hostel (Split, Croatia)

If minimalism is your thing, you have to see the Goli & Bosi Design Hostel when traveling to Croatia. Located in Split, Goli & Bosi offers a unique accommodation experience for its guests, with an ultra design-ish environment that will bring out the modern art lover in you. The hostel itself was established in a 19th century warehouse, a walking distance to the Diocletian Palace and a few hundred meters away from the Bacvice Bay.


8. Dream Hostel (Tampere, Finland)

The Dream Hostel has been ranked #1 in Specialty Lodging in Tampere, and we can totally understand why. Many visitors claimed that they didn’t even feel like they were staying at a hostel, thanks to the fact that the Dream Hostel provides private rooms for intimacy. Their staff is very nice and up to date with everything going on in the city, so you can count on them for great recommendations during your stay.


9. Clink78 (London, United Kingdom)

“The pain of partying is nothing to the joy of meeting again.” This is how guests are welcomed when entering the lobby of Clink78, a hip and luxurious hostel located really close to multiple train stations in London. Guests enjoy free coffee at breakfast and the prices in general are quite on the affordable side. This hostel is particularly nice for young people or students, as they will be having a fun and cool time there.


10. Plus Hostel (Berlin, Germany)

If you look up the Plus Hostel from Berlin, Germany, the most frequent pictures you are bound to find are of its super awesome swimming pool. All visitors claim that it is the best (“plus”) hostel to stay in Berlin, and that you benefit from a world of good at a really cheap price. Guests are welcomed with a posh courtyard, art gallery, sauna (as well as the swimming pool) and large rooms that were very clean. It certainly all seems to be worth the money, with 4-star hotel conditions and very hospitable employees. Make your experience in Berlin totally worthwhile!


  • Maverick Hostel (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Caveland (Santorini, Greece)
  • Hostel Celica (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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