Perfect Honeymoon Spot: Railay Beach Thailand

Surrounded by the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea, Railay beach Thailand is deemed a rock climbers’ paradise and the perfect honeymoon spot. Railay Beach is a remote peninsula on the southern coast of Thailand.Railay beach thailand can be accessed by longtail boats

Thailand Railay beach hasn’t been in the attention of the savvy traveler for too long. Since it was discovered by rock climbers who enjoy tremendously to explore the contorted limestone cliffs, it has also grown into a well-preserved jewel of the Andaman Sea.

This isolated tropical paradise can only be reached by longtail boat as the access to the mainland is cut off by the impressive steep roads through the rocky jungle valleys. Not many venture here except for adventure aficionados. However, the absence of tourist cohorts, the breathtaking landscape and the wide variety of activities and accommodation makes Railay beach Thailand the perfect honeymoon spot.

Railay beach is also known as Rai Leh or Rei Leh. The peninsula is part of the Krabi province, an exquisite region where each beachfront resort promises unforgettable memories. Tucked right between the much more popular Krabi city and Ao Nang, Railay beach Krabi Thailand has a lot to offer.the western point of Railay beach Thailand

From East Railay to West Railay, Phra Nang and Ton Sai, the peninsula entices you to experience the charm of each of these beaches. West Railay is a hotspot for the more luxurious accommodation options. East Railay is home to more medium-priced resorts. Rajavadee and Ao Phra Nang cater to the needs of the pickiest travelers who venture to this part of the world. Ton Sai is more of a backpacker’s paradise with more traditional and rustic accommodation choices.

Hotels in Railay beach Thailand aren’t scarce. Whether you’re planning your vacation or honeymoon by yourself or via a travel agency, you will find plenty of choices to suit your fancy.

What Makes Railay Beach Thailand the Perfect Honeymoon Spot?

Despite being a mainland destination, Railay beach Thailand is only accessed by boat. From this perspective, you can well think you’re on an island with gorgeous landscapes. Any minute spent on Railay beach delights your senses.

Except for East Railay, which is the busiest access point to the peninsula, the other beaches are the earthly expression of paradise. Haad Phra Nang beach is frequently spotted on lists picking the best beach around the world. Phra Nang beach Railay Thailand is bestowed with the graces of nature. The powdery sand is soaked in the clear emerald green water and guarded by the twisted limestone cliffs embedded in luxurious vegetation. Railay beach Thailand map with main attractions

As the longtail boat brings you here, you will set foot in a tranquil world. This doesn’t imply there’s not plenty to do if you so choose. The natural scenery soothes your soul. The viewpoints, the breathtaking limestone cliffs and the white sand beaches with their changing tides are complemented by the swath of activities that will keep you busy if you so choose.   

Railay beach Thailand isn’t crossed by any roads. With no cars and buses and the bustling atmosphere of a city, the traveler is left to explore the myriad of footpaths. The perfect honeymoon spot offers lazy days, tranquil evenings and adventures in the great outdoors.

The Spots to Be on Railay Beach Thailand

1. West Railay

This is the main destination for travelers who are looking to soak up the sun and enjoy the clear waters of the Andaman Sea lashing on the shore. West Railay beach is beautifully flanked by towering limestone cliffs with intricate twists and turns. The beach is the parting point for a number of trails blazing through the jungle. In addition, West Railay beach can be accessed from the eastern side of Railay beach Thailand by walking paths through the resorts spread on the peninsula. A walking street or promenade full of shops and restaurants is a delight at any time of day. Be sure to be on the beach at sunset. The golden hues envelop the natural setting, the finally resting boaters and their longtail boats and the rock climbers in a peaceful, breathtaking light.sunset over Railay beach Thailand
2. Phra Nang beach.

If you are already on Railay Beach Thailand, Phra Nang is only a 10-minute walk from Railay East. During high season, this is the most popular spot on the peninsula. The landscape is similar to that of West Railway. Nonetheless, the view is more open, with the limestone cliffs towering in the back to provide some shade in the afternoon sun. Princess Cave, a revered point for the locals and a strange occurrence for travelers is easily accessible from the Phra Nang beach Railay Thailand.

Princess Cave hosts a shrine dedicated to an ancient fertility goddess. While fishermen and boaters come here to bring offerings, travelers are often surprised by the multitude of wood-carved lingams places right at the entrance. An entwined road not far from the cave leads to the most exciting viewpoint above Phra Nang beach. The rope-hike is worth every drop of sweat.

Each of the other two beaches on Railay beach Thailand is worth exploring. These are just the two hottest spots on the peninsula. While everything is located within walking distance, make sure to get a Railay beach Thailand map. Most have all the attractions pinpointed for you. All you have to do is choose. Asking the locals and getting some tips from them is also an option.

Rock Climbing, Elephant Trekking or Spa Relaxation

Thailand Railay Beach is among rock climbers’ top destinations in the world. For more adventurous honeymooners, rock climbing is certainly an option. All around Railay beach Thailand there are enough routes to keep a rock climber busy for some years.

Over 700 routes are bolted to the twist-and-turn cliffs. Thailand Railay beach may be the perfect honeymoon spot. Nonetheless, it’s also the perfect rock climbing spot. If you’re not vested in the techniques or rock climbing, several schools are just waiting to welcome you to courses.rock climber hanging from a cliff in Railay Beach Thailand

Elephant Trekking is a particularly popular activity. However, you’ll have to head back to Ao Nang to enjoy the tours. Jungle trekking is an amazing way to explore Railay Beach Thailand. If you want a couple of days off the peninsula, there are options for that as well.

Instead of heading to the nearing cities by longtail boat, take the last jewel of the Siamese sailing ships known as Pla Luang and embark on an unforgettable cruise.

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