Royal Solaris Los Cabos – Top Family Vacation Destination

The Royal Solaris Los Cabos Resort & Spa is one of, if not the most family friendly destination that can be found in Cabo. Actually, the full name of the well-known Mexican tourist attraction is Cabo San Lucas and among the plethora of resorts, spa and hotels that make up this haven of dilly-dallying, the Royal Solaris has something to offer for everyone – from parents to children and even hard-to-please teenagers.

According to, Cabo is the third most sought after destination in Mexico, and in this post, we will explore what the whole region of Baja California has to offer, and in particular the Royal Solaris in Cabo.

royal solaris los cabos

A Bit of Context

The Baja California peninsula and mainland Mexico contain the Gulf of California, with the US state of California lurking further to the north. These territorial divisions were once part of newly independent Mexico in the first few decades of the 19th century before 1850 to be exact (when California was awarded statehood).

Therefore, some interesting and disparate geographical and historical factors have shaped this area into what it is today. It has been subjected to colonial influences since the 17th century, it was regarded as a highly cosmopolitan province until the Mexican Revolution (due to its proximity to the US), and has been the theater of extensive governmental investment since the heightened democratization of Mexico in the 1980’s.

It is in Baja California where the desert meets the ocean. This means tame climatic conditions all year round, with the average seawater temperature never dropping below 72 degrees. The climate as a whole is marked by the desert’s aridity, yet the Colorado and San Jose rivers penetrate the region, making their way to the Pacific Ocean.

map of baja california peninsula

The history of Cabo as a major tourist attraction is quite recent, as until the 1970’s it was home to only a handful of small fishing enterprises. The novelty of the constructions, however, means that it has been specifically built for tourists, with all the amenities necessary.

Royal Solaris Los Cabos Resort & Spa – In Depth

The resort is located in a rather grand “Zona Hotelera”, about 20 miles south of San Jose del Cabo and just east of the estuary of the San Jose River. There is a variety of transportation available from the international airport in San Jose del Cabo, with most fares averaging around $25 per person. The top-notch limo service will net you around $400 for 6 people, and that can be arranged in advance on the resort’s website if you desire a grand arrival.

The Royal Solaris itself resembles a Mexican hacienda (though not a fortified one) and can house up to 390 guests. There are no resort taxes, you may roam the property at will (within reason, of course), and you have four accommodation options at your disposal:

  • Deluxe room – 452 square feet – city or garden view;
  • Deluxe room – 452 square feet – ocean view;
  • Jacuzzi-fitted ocean view room – 540 square feet;

What you will not find at the Royal Solaris Los Cabos is excessive luxury; as we have stated, this is a family-oriented resort, more working class oriented to be specific, a good example being the price of just $1,442/7-nights sojourn in a deluxe room or the $1,736 for the same period in an ocean view room (all prices are available for June 2016).

royal solaris in depth

Keeping in mind the previous statement, the amenities are pretty basic: satellite TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, minibar, gym and a terrace to contemplate the Pacific sunset. There are five restaurants on the premises (one that specializes in traditional Mexican dishes and an Italian-themed place) to go with the several strategically placed bars, with one facility that caters only to clients immersed in the pool.

Other highlights of the resort include a business and conference center; 3 pools that are specifically tagged for either adults or children; a beauty salon placed near the spa and steam room; amenities for children that range from a mini-water park to a video gaming facility; courts for tennis, basketball and volleyball; pool adequate for scuba diving lessons.

A Royal Solaris Los Cabos all-inclusive deal will offer you the following benefits:

  • Breakfast, dinner, and snacks in the restaurant of your choice;
  • Unrestricted drinking;
  • Room service;
  • Mexican-themed (but not only) variety shows;
  • Included tips for the staff;
  • Access to every non-motorized nautical vehicle at the marina near the resort.

Attractions in and around Los Cabos

If you are not satisfied with spending your whole time in the micro-universe that is Royal Solaris Los Cabos, then it is important to know that a wide range of attractions await the curious visitor of the Baja California region, especially if he/she is in the possession of a rental car. Some sights to feast your eyes and some activities to enjoy include:

  • Arco de Cabo San Lucas – was probably forged by Hercules in his momentous Twelve Labors, is a view of exquisite natural beauty, a distinct rock formation that marks the place where the Pacific Ocean transforms into the Gulf of California.

arco de cabos san lucas

  • The Mission Church of San Jose Del Cabo – this part of Mexico was always neglected for its remoteness by the Spanish authorities during the colonial times. Nevertheless, in 1730 the ancestors of the local community, Christian missionaries, founded the parish church. The building itself survives to this day, with its granite staircase and white marble bell towers, and is an outstanding example of colonial architecture.
  • Whale Watching – in the winter months, whales complete their migration itinerary from Alaska (in the summer) of just over 6,000 miles in order to give birth in the warm waters of the Gulf of California.
  • Fishing – and particularly big-game. Rent your own boat or join others in a recreational fishing expedition in the waters of the Gulf of California, in case you target marlin or tuna because this is the definitive place for such an activity. In fact, the fishing industry was the only activity that existed in Cabo pre-1970, and a proper illustration of the region’s metamorphosis is the fact that it now organizes the largest big-game fishing tournament in the world.

A family man can truly experience a complete and relatively cheap vacation in the Baja California region; lounging around with the other family members at the Royal Solaris Los Cabos Resort and reconnect with his outdoor self by exploring what the region has to offer.

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