Are You Looking for a Specialized Experience Overseas?

Want to take a trip overseas and wonder what is there to do in Europe, Africa, Australia or Asia? Well, look no further as we made a guide to show you what specialized experience overseas you can have. Most of the activity examples below can be scheduled and organized by a travel agent before you arrive. All you need to do is tell the agent what you want and he will take care of the rest. It is worth collaborating with a travel agent for some of these activities because they know locals and service providers. In other words, they will ensure that you will have a great experience.


See the birthplace of Cabaret


Apart from the famous movie, “Moulin Rouge” is also the name of the first cabaret club that was opened in the 1880s in Paris and it is still there to this day. Even though cabaret may not seem so scandalous today, it’s still a great thing to see while on vacation. You can separately book some tickets for a Moulin Rouge show and experience a little bit of the Parisian history or you could buy tickets for a tour that includes most of the romantic highlights in Paris such as a cruise on the Seine River and sightseeing in the Eiffel Tower.

Visit Stonehenge


We may never know what made people build Stonehenge or what it was used for but it’s still an extremely interesting ancient monument. It’s a great chance to see an incredible piece of history and it’s so marvelous that it still inspires awe. You can either go by yourself to see Stonehenge from London or book a one day tour   from London to Stonehenge that includes the Bath and Windsor Castle.

Explore the Vineyards of Italy


You probably heard of the wines of the region in Italy called Chianti and perhaps some others but you’ll be glad to know that wine is made everywhere in Italy. There is no greater feeling than tasting a delicious wine exactly where it was produced. You’ll end up with some special memories of the time you tasted each of the wines.

Go on a romantic train ride


It’s very common to take trains in Europe to get around and it’s also one of the most romantic travel ways. There are a lot of tours with trains in Europe that rely on sightseeing also, not just the destinations. Take a train tour from the city of Dublin to go see the Cliffs of Moher, Galway Bay and Limerick, Burren. Go on a train ride from Munich to Salzburg or on a day trip from London to Paris. The train ride to Paris from London also goes through the underwater Channel Tunnel.

See the ancient ruins of Greece


Modern Greece is very beautiful but it’s the Ancient Greece that’s truly breathtaking. It’s almost everywhere, such as the Acropolis or ruins on the hilltops of the countryside. Even though it’s practically everywhere you look, it may help to have a guided tour, especially when you only see piles of rubble. You can take a walking tour of the Acropolis from Athens and you will learn a lot about the historical significance of all the buildings at the base and the temples at the top.

Eat some chocolate


Even though the saying “calories do not count on vacations” isn’t true at all, it’s hard not to indulge in some local cuisines when traveling, especially when it comes to desserts. There are sweets in every culture and it seems like it’s only fair to try all of them. Lots of countries in Europe are known for their chocolates such as Belgium, Switzerland and France.

In Brussels you can take a walking tour of chocolates which also includes a workshop that will teach you how to make some of the sweets. In Zurich you can go on a sweets and chocolate walking tour in the Old Town and Paris also has a chocolate walking tour and one that includes both pastry and chocolate. If all this sugar seems a little too much, feel free to go on a gourmet food tour in Italy in Florence, which includes wine, olive oil, chocolate, gelato and truffles.


Visit the Lion’s Rock


Lion’s Rock or Sigiriya is a popular attraction in Sri Lanka. Be sure to visit it in the morning, before the heat wave. It takes around 45 minutes to get to the summit but you will see many wonders such as rock gardens and frescoes.

Behold the Beauty of the Taj Mahal


To get a good look at the Taj Mahal before the crowd starts to gather make sure you visit it at daybreak.

Experience the spices in Burma


Much of the life of Rangoon is lived on the streets. There are such varieties of limes and chilies that you will not be able to recognize them all.

Visit the Old Quarter in Hanoi


There is constant activity in the Old Quarter in Hanoi. Be sure to come in early if you want to browse all the marvelous food markets without being bothered.

Bathe an Elephant

bathe elephant

In Chiang Rai, at the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle you will also bathe with the elephants, not just ride them.

Go see the most Amazing Airport in the world


The Changi International Airport in Singapore is efficient and clean but it’s also filled with things you would not expect to find inside of an airport. It has a gym, a playground, an arcade, a theater, a swimming pool, a butterfly garden and tours of the city for free.


Take a River Cruise


Taking a river cruise in South Africa means that you will see a lot of crocodiles and hippos while staying safe inside of the boat.

Go on a Safari


You can’t go to South Africa and not go on a safari. You will see all sorts of wonderful animals in their wild habitat such as rhinos, hippos, lions, elephants and giraffes while on a safari. This is truly a must if you ever get the chance to visit Africa.

Dive with the Great White Sharks


Anyone can do this in South Africa; you don’t have to be a professional diver. In fact, it’s not all that important to be a great swimmer. Anyone can dive in a cage with the Great White Sharks.

Go Shopping in theLocal markets and Bazaars

Ellis Park Street Market.  Durban, South Africa

This is a great way to see all sorts of artisans at work. You will be able to get an insight into the culture, smells, food and sounds of a country by doing this. You will also be able to capture great shots inside these beautiful markets.

Go on a Culinary Tour


This is the perfect combination between culture and taste. Most culinary tours in Africa concentrate on South Africa and Morocco and they mostly involve some cooking, wine tasting, dining and going to local markets for ingredients.

Attend a Festival


There are a lot of ethnic groups in Africa and each one celebrates its own religious festivals and rites of passage. These festivals are usually filled with food and music but you won’t be able to attend most of them as a tourist. However, there are some large ones that are available to the public and a travel agent will be happy to tell you more about them.


Go see many Species of Kangaroos


If you think there’s only one kind of kangaroo you’re making a huge mistake. In Port Douglas at the Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary you will be able to look at more kangaroo species than anywhere else in the world.

See the only Evidence of a Dinosaur Stampede


At the Lark Quarry Dinosaur Tracks you will be able to see the only evidence in the world of a dinosaur stampede.

Visit the town Whose Name is a Number

Round Hill Head

There is a town in Queensland called 1770 that has no words in the title. It was named   to honor the year in which Lieutenant Cook landed there.

Check out an Entirely Underground Town


The temperatures are so hot in Coober Pedy that all the people inside the town moved underground. There are around 2,000 people living in this town.

Drink Wine Amongst the Oldest Grape Vines

After Europe’s vineyards were wiped out by disease, some of the vines in Australia became the oldest grape vines in the world.

Climb the Highest Steel Arch Bridge

If you climb on the bridge in Sydney Harbor you will be 134 meters above the sea level.

If you are looking for a specialized experience overseas we really hope you enjoyed our guide and that it helped you decide where to go.

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