Sunny Beach Bulgaria: Budget Friendly Holiday for a Flawless Tan

Sunny Beach Bulgaria is the most important resort on the Black Sea coastline, both in terms of magnitude and popularity.  With over 200 hotels and numerous beaches, this affordable holiday retreat should guarantee you a diversified panel of activities, topped with a gorgeous, durable tan. Cheap holidays have never been so alluring!

Sands of Bulgaria

Sunny Beach Bulgaria: How to Get There

Bulgaria is a relatively small country – about 40.000 square miles, located in south-eastern Europe, a member of the EU since 2007 (so no procedural problems there), with about 200 miles of shoreline. Sunny Beach lies in the easternmost part of the country, close to the E87 highway. Two major international airports are in the vicinity: the Burgas airport, approximately 20 miles southwards, and a larger one in Varna, some 50 miles to the north.

Sunny Beach within Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, is 250 miles west of Sunny Beach, and if you decide to travel by car from its airport, the speed motorway speed limit is just 60 mph, and the Bulgarian police are notorious for their zeal in enforcing it.

Sunny Beach Bulgaria Hotels and other Accommodation

The success of the Bulgarian tourism has stemmed from its distinctive emphasis on affordability while maintaining excellent service. Therefore, the obvious choice would be to book package holidays to Sunny Beach Bulgaria; all-inclusive packages being available at every operator that has Bulgaria on their offer.

Considering the fact that the construction of the resort started in 1958, the hotels in Sunny Beach, in fact almost every other piece of infrastructure, are relatively new additions to its landscape. Most of them have been the result of heavy foreign investment, especially German, in the area.

Sunny Beach Bay View

A 7-day, all-inclusive vacation package at a four-star hotel starts at $400, this being one of the most common offers. Moving swiftly to the high-end of suggestions, a luxurious 5-day stay at one of the posh suites in a 5-star establishment would only knock a bit less than $1000 from your wallet.

For home economics classes graduates, apartments in Sunny Beach Bulgaria are a feasible alternative. They come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges – just $15/day for the most basic dwelling, all the way through well over $800/day for the definitive Eastern European oligarch experience.

Climate and Cuisine

The scientific designation for the climate is “hot summer continental”, although in reality it has a touch of Mediterranean-like feeling to boost. That translates to hot and dry summers, a welcome transition from the rather cold and wet winters. Sunny Beach Bulgaria weather may be considered to be similar to the Eastern US, with the absence of any extreme phenomena such as hurricanes.

Owing to these conditions, the season starts at the beginning of May and lasts through September. The pinnacle of activity is usually in July and August, with the prices of almost all goods and services modifying accordingly. These two months exhibit daytime temperatures in the high 80’s while the nocturnal atmosphere is enhanced by cool breezes and low 60’s conditions.

The cuisine of Bulgaria resembles the penchant for eclectic tastes, typical for all Balkan countries and cultures. Moreover, unforgiving history in the form of an endless list of foreign occupation has left its mark. Turkish and Greek influences are the most significant, the Slavic origins of the language having no bearing on the well-known dishes.

Getting back, restaurants in Sunny Beach are as diverse as they come, ranging from Italian to Greek and even Hawaiian. One may enjoy a copious lunch for an average of $10, not taking into account the exploration of local white wines, which have a considerable tradition and somewhat of a regional reputation.

The Main Attractions

Diversity is rightfully called the spice of life, and other activities are often neglected when a seaside vacation spot is discussed. Here are the chief points of interest:

  • Cacao Beach is the jewel in this maritime kingdom, spans more than five miles, and boasts delicate sand, crystal clear water, along the many watersports that are available just a phone call and reservation away. It is one of several beaches where an abundance of bars, cafes, and mini-amusement parks are laid out to fill time not spent idling around.
  • Water Parks are the perfect choice for a family blessed with frisky children, thanks to moderate prices and professionalism of the staff. Meanwhile, adults may enjoy adjacent spa facilities.
  • Nightlife – brushing the younglings aside, Sunny Beach boasts numerous nightclubs where the melting pot that is the current Balkan music may be experienced. It is certainly different to what westerners are accustomed to, yet the rumors are that is fascinating nonetheless.
  • Tours. Resorts are a relatively new addition to the Bulgarian seaside scenery, so the areas outside the popular spots have maintained its native “wilderness”. Hiking, camping and off-road adventures, courtesy of the many ATV-renting vendors, may interest those who bore easily of lounging in the afternoon sun.

Bulgaria Rural Landscape

  • Cruises along the coast are a sometimes underappreciated form of entertainment in Bulgaria, but they are fairly cheap, there are additional services such as dining on the boat, and stop-overs for snorkeling are pleasurable pastimes.
  • Nesebar is a nearby town of ancient origins that provides a sample of the history of the region. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, Nesebar houses Thracian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ruins, mirroring the troubled history of the Balkans, once nicknamed “The Gunpowder Barrel of Europe”. A particularly interesting sight is the “Church of Christ Pantocrator” (Christ the Ruler) is one of the best-preserved churches of early medieval times in Bulgaria, a period where religious decorations had reached the zenith of its sophistication.

Church of Christ Pantokrator

As far as budgets are concerned, the Bulgarian Black Sea is probably the safest bet that one can place. With its sandy beaches populated with restaurants and hotels left and right, picturesque and untamed countryside, all of it set against a background of a multi-millenary civilizational setting certainly makes Sunny Beach Bulgaria more than just a sunny beach.

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