Best Things to Do in Prague, Czech Republic

view over the Charles Bridge in Prague

Astonishing View of the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the bohemian capital of Czech Republic, can be easily portrayed as a beautiful spectacle for the eyes. The rich culture, Gothic architecture, and welcoming people will fascinate even the most refined tourist. We have gathered the best things to do in Prague, as well as some unmissable historical and more contemporary landmarks. Enjoy!

Top Things to Do in Prague

Visit the Old Town 

Whether you book a tour or make an itinerary for yourself, the Old Town Square should be at the heart of your visit. Check in at the Astronomical Clock at Old Town Hall, which is one of the old charms of the city. Also, you can enjoy the view from the top of the tower. Continue with the Convent of Agnes, home of the National Gallery’s collection of medieval artifacts, the Baroque St Nicholas Church and the Rococo Kinsky Palace. 

Don’t miss the State Opera and National Theatre. If you are not into historical and cultural sites that much, there are other points of interest and attractions to catch your eye. Stay tuned!

charles bridge one of the best things to see in Prague

Golden Hour Photograph on Charles Bridge

Take a Photo on Charles Bridges at Dawn

Charles Bridge is one of Prague’s iconic landmarks. Spaning 16 arches and featuring 30 religious feature, the bridge has a fairy-tale allure.

Don’t miss the chanceTake an idyllic picture on it during the Magical Hour (early in the morning or late in the evening) and turn it into a postcard.

Try Out Traditional Czech Dishes

Don’t miss out the taste of Prague. Eat like a local by trying out the famous dumplings or savoury main courses while learning more about Czech’s gastronomic history.

Tip: Traditional Czech food is great but so is stylish Bohemian cuisine. While you can explore the restaurants by yourself, there are Prague gastronomic tours you can book and knowledgeable guides you can hire.

traditional czech cuisine

Best Thing to Do in Prague: Enjoy Beer and Snacks in one of the City’s Restaurants


Enjoy the Praguian Nightlife

Looking for fun things to do in Prague? Prague is famous not only for its impressive architecture but also for its drinking establishments. Packed with pubs and highly acclaimed for its breweries, the city is the ideal location for a city break with your friends or for a surprise bachelor/ bachelorette party. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Organize an evening beer tour and enjoy Prague’s thriving nightlife as you explore the local pubs.
  • Start in Wenceslas Square and continue to discover the pub scene on a leisure walk across the city.
  • Try different local brews as well as the typical Praguian beer snacks and food. Pair your drink with the delicious and spicy pork chili.
  • Look after a map of Prague’s best beer venues.
  • Take the metro or the tram (you can use the same ticket!) to explore the suburbs as well. Zizkov is a former industrial suburb now famous for its over 300 bars and nightlife.

Hot Spots: Hemingway Bar, Absintherie, Prague Beer Museum, Anonymous Bar.

Top Things to See in Prague

Prague Castle 

One of the oldest castles in the world, Prague Castle is home to churches, royal residences, and beautiful gardens. The St Vitus Cathedral is one of the locations you shouldn’t miss.

Prague Zoo

According to Tripadvisor reviews, the  Zoo is ranked no. 6 of hundreds of things to see in Prague. This is the ideal location for a one-day family trip for its amazing collection of animals and entertainment programs.

Tip: Visiting the Zoo will take at least half a day. Plan your time wisely. Include it in your must-see places list if you got several days to spend in the city.

Petrin Hill

Prague is famous for its medieval churches and cultural sites. But tourists who are more into outdoor activities can enjoy its fantastic parks and green spaces. Reach the top of Petrin Hill by taking the funicular. The railway begins at Ujezd street and you can use a regular transport ticket.

Enjoy some fresh air and a wonderful view of the Prague Castle and Old Town from the eastern side of the Hill.

The Chocolate Musem

There are so many small museums to visit in Prague, but, by far, this is our favorite choice. Not only you will get familiar with the history and many uses of chocolate but you will also get a taste at the end of your sweet tour.

The Museum of Communism 

Prague is rich in cultural and historical sites. If you want to learn more about its moving history, step by the Museum of Communism as well as by the Jewish Museum. Tick of your list the haunting Old Jewish Cemetery on your way too.

Franz Kafka Museum 

Franz Kafka is the Czech Republic’s most renowned author and one of the iconic figures of the 20th-century European literature. The museum hosts an intriguing collection of personal objects ranging from photos to letters. An odd yet popular attraction is marked by the peeing statues  outside the museum, made by a local artist.

things to buy in Prague

Best Things to Buy in Prague: Toys and Marionettes

Best Things to Buy in Prague

#1. Beer

The Check Republic is famous for its microbreweries. With a history of brewing dating back more than a thousand years, Czech beer-makers surely know their craft. Try out different beer styles and tastes, from award-winning lagers like Pilsner Urquell to lesser known ones. If you have a guide, ask him or her to help you choose.

#2. Bohemian Crystal

Forget about crowded malls. The lovely narrow streets of Prague are filled with nice boutiques and charming shops where you can find local specialties. Many visitors come to Prague for the famous Bohemian crystal.

Tip: Look for the authenticity of the objects you buy. An authentic Bohemian crystal item should have an oval label on it reading “Bohemian Crystal – Made in the Czech Republic”.

#3. Amber Jewelry

Are you a gem lover? In Prague, Bohemian crystal shops compete with eye-catching  jewelry stores specialized in Amber.

#4. Marionettes & Antiques 

If you are looking for  unique souvenirs, there are hundreds of items to choose from. Colorful marionettes, vintage costumes, and exquisite antiques are just a few.

P.S. Now that the holidays are just around the corner, don’t miss the festive magic of Prague’s Christmas markets. The main locations are at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Smaller markets are hosted at Prague Castle and on Kampa Island.

Hope you enjoyed our list of top things to do in Prague. We also recommend you to check our list of best places to visit in Europe. Happy traveling!

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