Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Italy

Among the most touristy countries in the world, Italy truly seems to have it all: gorgeous landscapes for the more adventurous, a distinct cuisine for the foodies and countless art treasures for the gentle natures. With a kind hearted climate and welcoming people, Italy appears to have won the touristic lottery. Whether you’re only looking for a city break, or you want to spend an entire month in this Mediterranean atmosphere, we’ve compiled an inspiring list of 10 best places to visit in Italy that will make you book a plane ticket on the spot.


One of the biggest cities in Puglia, Lecce is located in southern Italy and is also dubbed Florence of the South. The nickname is owed to the rich architectural monuments that are spread throughout the Baroque city. With a fascinating history and stunning sights, Lecce deserves a stop if you’re visiting the south of the country. The 16th-century castle is bound to take your breath away. Stop by the Church of the Holy Cross and take the time to wonder at this jewel. It was begun in 1353 and took the Romans more than three centuries to finish.


Florence is the capital of Tuscany and has a population of over 380,000 inhabitants. The most significant center of Renaissance art, the city is full of palaces, churches, and museums. The Duomo, the Fountain of Neptune made by Bartolomeo Ammananti, and the Palazzo Vecchio are only some of the treasures that attract so many tourists to Florence each year. The Accademia Gallery houses many of the works of Michelangelo. For a breathtaking scenery, plan a visit to San Miniato al Monte church in September. The view from up the hill is spectacular.

3. Venice

best places to visit in italy

Holding the title of the most romantic city in Italy, Venezia’s unique trait is that it was built on water. Situated in northern Italy, in the middle of a lagoon, this beautiful city is mesmerizing and difficult to forget. With a slew of renowned landmarks, it would take weeks to fully explore Venice properly. The most important thing to do when you’re visiting is to hop on a gondola and explore the Grand Canal. This immensely attractive city also houses Saint Mark’s Basilica, various museums, churches, and palaces. If you’re an art enthusiast, make a note to visit the Gallerie dell’Accademia.

4. Rome

If you’re traveling to Italy for the first time, Rome is a must. Impressive with its gorgeous ancient structures, you won’t get a boring moment if you get lost and wander around on the Roman streets. The Colosseum and the Roman Empire’s biggest amphitheater, just to mention a few, are the hot points for tourists in the city. But make sure to go beyond the standard track followed by the thousands of visitors. The small cafes and narrow streets have their own charm. Take the time to admire the picturesque fountains and the medieval churches for a real taste of ancient Rome. Italy’s capital also caters for party goers. Rome has no shortage of clubs, bars, and parties.

5. Riomaggiore

Not as popular as our other suggestions, this is one of the fishing villages that constitute the Cinque Terre. Believed to have its origins in the 8th century, Riomaggiore will welcome you with colorful stone houses that have slate roofs. The village is best known for its unique wine and historic background. The scenery is gorgeous, with the Gulf of Genoa offering a deep blue water for diving. The overall atmosphere is quiet and serene.


Milan is more than the center of fashion and commerce. It’s renowned for its architecture and it houses the “The Last Supper” painted by Leonardo da Vinci. You can visit this famous piece of art in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Milan is also the home of one of the biggest Gothic cathedrals in Europe, the Duomo. This took more than six hundred years to complete and it comprises 135 spires and 3,500 statues.

7. Palermo

best places to visit in italy

Unique through its street food and fine works of art, this Sicilian city is truly remarkable. Palermo is the house of various churches, museums, and palaces, with some of them built as early as the thirteen century. You can’t spend a dull moment in Palermo since even the city walls are laden with historical significance. Make sure to visit the solar observatory in the cathedral and the mummified corpses in the Capuchin Catacombs.

8. Pompeii

Another magnet for tourists, Pompeii was completely covered by volcanic ash after Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. Close to Naples, this city gives tourists an inkling about buildings and structures that date back almost two millennia. Believed to have been founded in the seventh century BC, the city that was frozen in time has now been a tourist attraction for more than 250 years. What is there to see in Pompeii? A stroll on the ancient streets will give you a chance to look at the remains of baths, a forum, bakeries and an amphitheater.

9. Bologna

The capital of gastronomy, Bologna shouldn’t be missed by any gourmand tourist. But not only your taste buds will be enchanted by this city. Prepare to do a lot of walking if you want to properly explore Bologna. You can also rent bikes and tour the medieval center and museum. Don’t forget to break for lunch and try out delicious lasagna or tagliatelle. Wash these down with a glass of Italian wine and continue exploring: Cathedral Petronius, the Archaeological Museum, and Santo Stefano are the main attractions. The antique markets offer a wide range of souvenirs to take home.

10. Verona

Forever remembered as Romeo and Juliet’s town, visiting Verona is bound to be an unforgettable experience. The Roman Arena, the medieval castle, and center create a unique atmosphere that welcomes tourists all year round. You can visit the house of Juliet, which was built back in the 13th century. One of the most popular destinations in northern Italy, Verona is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Italy thanks to its operas, ancient amphitheater, lyrical season, annual fairs and artistic heritage.

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