Top 8 Best Places to Travel in the USA

US citizens have access to a slew of gorgeous destinations without needing a passport. A symbol for liberty, dubbed the land where dreams come true, America does not only promise a better life, but also a mélange of cultures, landscapes, religions and cuisine. Whether you want to visit bustling cities with breathtaking skyscrapers or take advantage of the hot temperatures in Florida, USA destinations cater to all expectations. According to the month when you plan to visit, you should take into account the weather, and any festivals or events you might like to attend. Some cities should be avoided in the cold winter months, with others perfect to visit in November or December. You should also consider the means of transport to and from your destination, and also factor in whether you are travelling alone or with toddlers. Try to draft up a plan with the places you want to see and the things you want to do and book any needed tickets in advance. Need some inspiration for USA’s top destinations? Take a look at these hand-picked best places to travel to in the USA.

1. Austin

Best Places to Travel

Austin, the Texan capital, is a fast growing city and the biggest state capital in the US. With various activities, places to see and things to try out, you can have fun in Austin no matter what your interests are. One of the main attractions is the Texas State Capitol, which holds the title of the oldest state office structure. If you’re interested in learning about Texan history and its legislature, drop by for a free tour. To experience the real essence of Austin, put the Baylor Street Art Wall on your to-see list. Started off as a condo project, it ended up being a canvas for graffiti aficionados. Want to explore the city on a bike but you’re not in shape? Try Rocket Electrics that offer bikes which don’t need pedaling and see as much as possible of the city.

2. Houston

Famous for its shopping experience, entertainment events, sophisticated cuisine and nightlife, Houston offers world-class attractions. You won’t have to dig too deep in your pockets since it’s easy to find a great number of free events to attend. If you decide to visit Houston, try out roller skating if you want to get a feel of the ‘90s. The Dairy Ashford Roller Rink even has a disco ball paired nicely with old school music. For a more educational visit, take the time to visit the Johnson Space Center that housed NASA’s Mission Control.

3. Boston

Avoid visiting in February, but do come in Spring or Fall. You’ll be met by gorgeous landscapes and a gentle weather that will make walking around a pleasure. You can visit the Institute of Contemporary Art that is quite a sight for sore eyes on itself. The Franklin Park Zoo is a must if you are travelling with your children, but adults won’t get bored either between kangaroos, tigers and lions. The Coit Observatory makes for a cool night visit at the Boston University and can be the perfect ending to a full visiting day.

4. Orlando

Located in Florida, Orlando has more to offer than exquisite weather. Dubbed The City Beautiful, it’s one of the main tourist attractions in the United States, attracting over sixty-two million visitors every year. It has no shortage of entertaining places: the Universal Orlando Resort, Wet ‘n Wild, Gatorland and Sea World are just some of the tourist magnets. The main driving force in the city’s economy is tourism. Also known as the World’s Theme Park Capital, the Walt Disney World Resort is just outside Orlando. The city houses seven of the most famous theme parks within North America. However, if theme parks are not your cup of tea, you’re not likely to get bored in the sunny city. The American Art Museum houses the biggest Tiffany glass collection in the world, making it a must-see for any art enthusiast. Looking for something a bit more adventurous? Try a guided kayak tour on Shingle Creek and get your camera ready to snap pictures of bald eagles and alligators. There are a lot of things to explore in Orlando, from taking a stroll in the Botanical Garden to testing your golf skills at the Grand Cypress Resort.

5. Seattle

A mixture of rain, coffee and culture, Seattle is a must see not only for romantic travelers. You can get lost on the alleys of the Seattle Arboretum, allowing Mother Nature to sweep you off your feet, or go for a free tour on the water at the Center for Wooden Boats. For a true outdoor adventure, stop by the Discovery Park, where you can read a book in the grass or enjoy a bonfire in the summer. The WAC allows you to rent a canoe if you want to sneak in a work-out. Seattle has no shortage of lovely places to eat and drink: try Green Leaf or Shultzy’s for a different experience, or stick to traditional American junk food and grab a hot dog from a street cart.

6. San Antonio

There’s more to visit in Texas than Austin. San Antonio is a bustling mix of amusement parks, cultural centers and gourmet dishes. What is there not to like? Make sure you go to the Rodeo, for a real Texan experience. The San Antonio zoo is almost a century old and houses more than three thousand animals. If you’re up to it, you can visit one of the many caves and follow up with a roller coaster ride suited to your endurance level.

7. Phoenix

Best Places to Travel

Planning a trip to hot, sunny Phoenix? You’ll have a long list of things to see and do. Take a walk in the Desert Botanical Garden or visit the University of Phoenix Stadium and Chase Field. Passionate about musical instruments? Stop by the Musical Instrument Museum that boasts an impressive worldwide collection of sundry instruments. For more outdoor activities, visit the Boyce Thompson Arboretum that comprises more than 3,200 desert plants.

8. Denver

Combining a unique lifestyle with craft beer, Denver is the best place to visit in Colorado. Strolling downtown is an experience in itself. For even more fun, stop by the Downtown Aquarium to gaze at more than 500 species of sea life. Coors Field is ideal for baseball lovers, while foodies will have the time of their life at The Source, a warehouse where you can find butchers, bakers and brewers.

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