Top Ranked Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions

Considered by many as one of the world’s natural wonders, the Grand Canyon National Park leaves millions of visitors awestruck every year. If you are considering exploring the area and turn your adventure into a lifetime experience, take a look at our carefully selected top ranked Grand Canyon tourist attractions. We hope our list will provide you with essential information and help you locate those wonderful places to visit. However, these are just a few of the many fascinating lookout points to spot around the Grand Canyon. As a first tip, be sure to take your camera with you. The views will offer you unforgettable memories we’re sure you want to capture.


Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions: Amazing View

Beautiful View Over the Canyon

Great for: natural beauty, history, sightseeing, souvenirs, accommodation.

Located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Village is one of the most appealing areas of the park. That is why during peak seasons it gets extremely crowded as it is a place designed to accommodate tourists.  What makes the village such a popular destination? First, it is the home for historical buildings and unique lookout points such as the Yavapai Point. Not far from Mather Point, Yavapai Point is known as one of the best locations to view the canyon.  The only downside of this place is the limited parking, but the best panorama on this part of the canyon is worth it.

Grand Canyon Village Tourist Attractions Highlights: Grand Canyon Railway Depot (for history enthusiasts), Hopi House (for Native American souvenirs), Kolb and Lookout Studios (for art lovers).

Note: The village can be extremely crowded from late spring to early autumn, and the hotels and historic lodges can be very expensive. Plan ahead before taking this amazing trip.


Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions: North Rim

North Rim Lodge Vista

Great for: hiking, parks, sightseeing, camping, snowmobiling, skiing.

As opposed to the Grand Canyon Village, the North Rim is not one of the ‘mainstream’ Grand Canyon tourist attractions.  Known as a remote and peaceful area, it is the ideal place for travelers who enjoy admiring natural wonders in solitude. Here you’ll find the historic Grand Canyon Lodge, a hotel and cabins complex opened in 1927. If you are looking for more accommodation options, there are a few cabins and camp facilities to choose from. Early bookings are a must!

One of the must-visit lookout points in the North Rim is the Bright Angel Point which offers an amazing view over the canyon from its north side. The Bright Angel Point Trail, only 0.75 miles long, is perfect for hiking as well. But the most impressive northerly panorama view is definitely achieved from the 8803 feet Point Imperial. This is one of the most visited points along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, accessible by driving 11 miles northeast of Bright Angel Point.

North Rim Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions Highlights: Grand Canyon Lodge, Bright Angel Point, Roaring Springs, Point Imperial.

Note: The North Rim is open from May to December. So be sure not to plan your vacation during winter. However, you can enjoy fun activities around the area on snowy days, from snowmobiling to skiing. If you are willing to travel, the Jacob Lake Inn offers recreation and hospitality, and is to be found 44 miles north. Also, if the Bright Angel Point Trail sounds appealing, take note that there are no water sources.


Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions: Grand Canyon Skywalk Bridge

Grand Canyon Skywalk Bridge

Great for: sightseeing, photography.

Ready for another amazing location to visit? Located on the West side of the canyon, the semi-circular, cantilever bridge Skywalk is one of the most controversial and stunning Grand Canyon tourist attractions. Its transparent glass floor allows visitors to walk at a height of 1,160 feet of the canyon base and enjoy a truly breathtaking view. Owned by the Hualapai Indian tribe, the bridge was opened in 2007 and since then attracted numerous

Grand Canyon Skywalk Tourist Attractions Highlights: amazing panoramic view, ‘skywalking’ experience.

Note: The Skywalk is far both from the North Rim and the South Rim. Visiting this location surely stands for a one-day activity. Before planning to enjoy the sights from hundreds feet above, we recommend doing a bit of research. According to travelers, tickets are pricey and video cameras are not allowed. Instead, there are photography services available for which you can pay.


Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions: Colorado River Rafting

Great for: sports, outdoor activities, recreation, adventure.

Changing the perspective, the Grand Canyon can be viewed from a totally different viewpoint while rafting down the Green River. As one of the trip reviewers on TripAdvisor says:  ‘This is a fantastic way to experience the Colorado River and Grand Canyon on a very up close and personal level’.

There are plenty of companies offering a variety of rafting trips from one-day trip to more extensive and intensive tours. If you are not the adventurous type and fancy a smoother experience, you can opt for a motorized raft tour.

Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions Highlights: caverns, waterfalls.

Note: If you are looking to book a rafting trip you can contact some of the following companies: Canyon Explorations/ Expeditions and Outdoors Unlimited, Moki Mack River Expeditions, Colorado Rover Discovery, Wilderness River Adventures. Prices and types of rafting tours can be found on their official websites. If you wonder what’s essential to take with you, water and sunscreen, apart a change of clothes are a must.


Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions: Historic Train

Grand Canyon Historic Train

Great for: history, leisure, sightseeing.

Ready for a trip back in time? The Grand Canyon historic railroad is one of the iconic Grand Canyon tourist attractions offering unique experiences to travelers of all ages. Kids and parents alike are invited to take part in all kinds of special events organized during the year such as Steam Saturdays, Man vs Machine September 2015, and the Polar Express. Built over a century ago, the railway began carrying passengers to the canyon in 1901 and after extensive restoration work it still provides fun and historic journeys. The most appealing aspect of such a trip is the way the Old West life is brought to life. Moreover, the historic train keeps thousands of automobiles outside the natural park.

As Gordon Taylor, General Manager of Grand Canyon Railway explains: “By traveling aboard Grand Canyon Railway you are not only experiencing an entertaining and historic journey, but you are also doing your part to help preserve the pristine beauty of the Grand Canyon.”

Grand Canyon Railway Tourist Attractions Highlights: vintage train journey, special events.

Note: The historic train transports passengers from Williams to the Grand Canyon Depot in South Rim daily, from 9.30 am onwards. If you intend taking this enchanting journey through the canyon, expect to spend a little extra money depending on the class you wish to ride. For all the info you need on prices and schedules, reservations and offers, check out the Grand Canyon Railway official page. Enjoy!

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