9 Travel Safety Tips for Traveling to a Foreign Country

Traveling to a different country can be fun and exciting. It can allow you to see parts of the world that are fascinating and beautiful to witness. But be mindful that other countries are different from yours when it comes to rules and policies.

Whatever reason that you decide to visit a foreign country, you should do a few things to ensure your safety. In this article, we will discuss nine travel safety tips for traveling to a foreign country.

1. Learn the Policies of the Foreign Country

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The first thing that you should do prior to visiting any foreign country is to learn their policies. Some nations are drastically different from the US when it comes to regulations. If you are going to a foreign country, this can be very important to be aware of.

A common example is countries that drive on the other side of the road, such as the UK. Arriving at your destination and suddenly learning that you have to drive on the other side of the road can be frightening. This isn’t going to happen everywhere, but chances are each foreign country has a few policies different from what you are used to.

2. Avoid Non-tourist Areas

Another one of the best travel safety tips is to avoid certain areas. If you are going to a foreign country, chances are you won’t know your way around. Lots of countries like France attract millions of tourists each year. Because of this, there are many areas in the country that are specifically designated for tourists. Staying in these areas is a good idea if you are unfamiliar with the land. Roaming away from tourist designed areas can put you in danger as you will be unaware of where you are.

3. Don’t Keep All of Your Money on You

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Some foreign countries are known for being high in burglars. Although you should take steps to prevent yourself from being robbed in the first place, you should also be prepared. In order to prevent losing large sums of money if you are robbed, keep your money in a few separate places. Essentially, don’t take a bunch of cash with you if you will be walking around or touring the country. This way, you will lose less in the case of an emergency.

4. Try to Blend in

One of the best travel safety tips for staying safe in a foreign country is to try to blend in. Now granted, you don’t have to wear the same clothes and look exactly the same as the people around you. If you are visiting a country of which you are not from, you will probably look a little different from the people there. If you stand out like a sore thumb, it can draw the attention of robbers as they know that you are unfamiliar with the country.

Let’s discuss a few ways you can prevent yourself from sticking out. First of all, don’t wear a ton of jewelry. Not only will this draw attention to you, it will also be another reason for robbers to target you. Also, try not to look like a tourist. In the end, just be safe and try not to bring too much attention to yourself.

5. Don’t Leave Drinks Unattended

This is a big one. NEVER leave a drink unattended when you are in a foreign country. Also, never take an opened drink from a stranger. This doesn’t only apply to alcohol, but alcoholic drinks are the most commonly used drink for dangerous people to drug tourists and possibly rob them of their money. In order to prevent this from happening to you, you should never take an opened drink and you should also keep your drink with you at all times.

6. Join a Group of Tourists

group of tourists visiting the pyramids

One of the many recommended travel safety tips is to travel in groups. Traveling alone or with one other person is less safe than traveling with a group of people. If you are visiting a county, chances are that other people from your country are too. If you are flying on a plane, consider talking to some of the other people on the plane. Ask them what they are doing and consider touring the country with them as well. If this is not an option for you, try traveling with at least two other people.

7. Buy an International SIM Card

When you arrive to another country, the first thing you will probably notice is that your phone will not work. Thankfully, you can buy a SIM card that will work. For around $30, you can have a working cell phone that you can use like normal. This is probably a good idea. It will allow you to call, text, or locate your friends which you would not be able to do without service.

8. Don’t Get too Drunk

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Everyone likes having fun now and then. If you want to have a drink in a foreign country while you stay, be careful. First of all, being drunk in an unfamiliar environment is a dangerous thing. It can make it easier for you to say or do something that could put you in danger.

Another reason why you should be careful when it comes to drinking is that some countries have alcohol which is much stronger than ours. Some beers in other countries are 3 or 4 times stronger than the ones you are used to.

9. Trust Your Gut

The final tip for staying safe in a foreign country is to trust your gut. Keep your guard up and don’t trust people easily. Be extra careful about what you do in a foreign country. If something feels off, don’t think twice and leave the situation. Use common sense and don’t get yourself into anything that you shouldn’t.

The Bottom Line

If you follow these travel safety tips covered here, you should be safe while traveling abroad. Also, don’t be intimidated by the dangers of traveling to a foreign country. Anywhere you are has risks, the risks in other countries are just a little different. In the end, a trip to a foreign country is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and can be very enjoyable if you prepare for it.

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