Top 10 Best Travel Trailers

best travel trailers which features the black pearl galaxy upgrades, plus a rear living layout, triple slides, and a convenient kitchen island!

One of the most exciting ways to travel the highways in North America is in a Recreational Vehicle or RV. Travel trailers, one of the most popular types of RVs, are lightweight but sturdy vehicles that you pull behind your large SUV or powerful truck, and in some cases, your minivan. The great benefits of best travel trailers are that they are lightweight but comfortable on the road because you’re towing them behind a regular vehicle.

Traditional RVs can be clunky and awkward, especially due to many people’s unfamiliarity with driving them. With a travel trailer, on the other hand, you’re able to drive a vehicle you’re comfortable and familiar with. Most trailers on the market today also include the best conveniences you have in your own home, including beautiful interiors, slide-out beds, bunk beds, entertainment systems, built-in satellite TVs, generators, and showers. It’s almost like you never left home.

Travel Trailers

Another great thing about the best travel trailers is that you can park them at a campsite, then unhook your towing vehicle to go on other adventures. The best travel trailers can come in several different sizes, from miniature teardrop units that clock in about 12 feet in length, to gigantic 33 feet long trailers. They can also range in price anywhere from $8,000 to $50,000. It’s always important to make sure whatever vehicle you’re using to tow can safely pull your trailer and all your gear.

Buyers Guide for the Best Travel Trailers

Before we discuss the best trailers on the market, it’s important to go over some available features. When purchasing, you may want to have a list of items you need versus those that you want. As you keep these features in mind, you’re sure to choose the right trailer for you and your family.

Interior and Exterior

To determine whether a travel trailer is right for you and your family, you want to inspect the ways it looks and feels on the inside and the outside. Do you enjoy the way the interior looks? Does it have enough space for you, your family, and all your belongings? Would you enjoy spending lots of time on it? These questions are important to ask because the travel trailer is going to serve as a temporary home for long stretches of time. That’s too much time to spend looking at an interior you dislike or sitting on an uncomfortable couch.

Inside Features

Other than the main area and the interior design, it’s also important to analyze the different appliances and arrangements within the travel trailer. Here are some of the top ones to inspect:

  • Kitchen

Ensuring you are comfortable cooking in your kitchen and have plenty of countertop space is a must. Cooking meals and storing food is one of the most important aspects of your mobile travel trailer, and you want to have an experience you enjoy. Be sure to check that the cooking appliances, like ovens or microwaves, are ones you like and use, and that your sinks are deep enough to be usable.

  • Bathroom

Some people may argue this is the most important aspect of your trailer, as this is what separates standard camping from travel trailer life. There are several different types of RV toilets available, so make sure you like the kind that’s in your potential trailer buy. Some trailers even have showers, which is another bathroom feature you’ll need to inspect. Finally, make sure that the bathroom has enough room for everyone in your family. Some bathrooms and showers can be quite small, which is an issue for taller individuals.

  • Sitting Areas

These include any areas with tables, chairs, or couches. Almost all best travel trailers feature sitting areas in large living room areas. If you work on your computer, you may want to ensure you have a workspace at the table. Additionally, a larger family may require a bigger table as well. As always, you probably want to make sure the chairs are comfortable enough to sit in for long stretches of time.

  • Beds

Beds are complex in trailers, as they often fold out of tables or couches to form their sleeping state. Getting a good night’s sleep is important, so check out the quality of the beds to make sure they fit your preferences.

The Top 10 Best Travel Trailers on the Market

Here you’ll find the unique advantages of ten of the best travel trailers you can currently buy. These each have different strengths and may be made for different lifestyles and families, so always be sure to consider your own needs before reading through the list.

Airstream Classic 30

One of the most classic, timeless, and infamous RVs available, the Airstream Classic 30 is an iconic sight on any highway in North America. The classic silver bullet design has been refined to perfection over many years, to the point that serious RV fans consider it the ultimate RV of all time. Inside, the Airstream Classic 30 contains all the comforts of home, as it blends modern technology with classic style. These include a full kitchen and dining area, plenty of cabinet space, and a sleeping area fit for a king. By purchasing an Airstream RV, owners are also allowed to join various Airstream club private chapters in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Imagine 2150RB

Crafted to deliver lightweight travel trailers without sacrificing solid construction and high-quality materials, the Imagine travel trailer line is one of the most popular on the market today. The 2150RB is the newest addition, offering a number of different floorplans all of which feature a spacious living area, complete with a table and entertainment system options.

These trailers begin under 6,000 pounds, which makes them the perfect choice for any buyer towing with a medium-duty truck or SUV. The manufacturer, Grand Design RV, focuses on offering more premium features and top-quality RVs than any other company in their class, and they are all made in America. In fact, the company manufactures their travel trailer models at their Middlebury, Indiana factory. The Imagine 2150RB RV is yet another testament to their American excellence.

Sportsmen S330IK

The Sportsmen line from KZ-RV provides some of the finest RVs on the market for the price. They’re famous for superior design, sturdy construction, and wonderfully lightweight tow-ability. This specific Sportsmen RV, the S330IK, offers an open layout with triple sides and an Island Kitchen.

Additionally, with a comfortable bedroom set up in the front, the dawn can gently wake you up from a night of sound sleep. KZ, Inc., the company that produces the Sportsmen, recently won its 15th annual RVDA Quality Circle Award and for every single product category possible, which hasn’t happened to any other RV company in the industry. For a top-quality RV, look no further than the Sportsmen S330IK.

I-Go Pro

A deluxe lightweight towable RV line from EverGreen RV, the I-Go Pro has all the bells and whistles you could want. The I-Go Pro has up to five different floor plans you can choose from, perfect for any buyer who wants a simple-to-use trailer with every premium feature available. These include a sleek, upgraded kitchen, top-of-the-line entertainment systems, and a molded fiberglass front cap for the ultimate design and protection.

I-Go Pros are structurally sound as well, complete with a DuraLite double welded aluminum structure, held up by six-sided double welded aluminum frames built into the roof, walls, and floors. Additionally, all windows, doors, and baggage doors are lined with header framing for a unique look and feel. A boat-load of features at an affordable price is what EverGreen is known for, and the company’s proven it once again with their I-Go Pro model.

Reflection 313RLTS

Another line from Grand Design RV, the Reflection models of best travel trailers are custom-built for high value and luxury, though they can still be towed. Whether it’s a fifth wheel or travel trailer, the Reflection models are lightweight and offer stellar interior floorplans. The Reflection 313RLTS is no exception.

Furthermore, with aluminum entry steps, a universal docking station, gourmet kitchen, hardwood trim moldings, floating island, and a deep kitchen sink, the 313RTLS is built for your every comfort. Plus, it offers a tri-fold bed for superior sleeping and couches for ultimate relaxation.

Revere 33BH

With fresh new exteriors and wide-track axles, Shasta’s updated Revere travel trailers are beasts on and off the road. The 33BH offers numerous upgrades, including recessed stoves in the kitchen, rounded interior walls throughout the living space, and deep, under-mounted sinks. Shasta’s Revere line has been specifically manufactured to have a residential feel, with all the materials that render your living area as comfortable and cozy as you’d find in any home.

Accordingly, the Revere 33BH is one of the roomiest models on this list, as it offers up to seven feet of interior headroom. When you use the extra deep slides available, you and your family can enjoy tons of free space on your vacation.

Prowler 29P RKS

Heartland RV’s Prowler 29P RKS is one of their “travel class” trailers. These unique best travel trailers are built with the intention of enduring years of traveling. With lots of room for people within, the Prowler 29P is a towable travel trailer that weighs around 6,000 pounds. Most full-size SUV’s and three-quarter-ton pickups can handle travel trailers at this size without any issue.

Moreover, owners are consistently impressed with the amount of space the Prowler 29P is able to pack into its interior floorplan. This Heartland trailer is perfect for any family who likes to travel a lot.

Jay Flight 28BHBE

Jayco’s Jay Flight models have become one of the top-selling best travel trailers in America. The 28BHBE model offers a number of standard features that any RV enthusiast wants to have, including durable floors, two standard beds, fully usable kitchen, large (and convertible) dining room table, and comfortable living area. Plus, you can even upgrade your Jay Flight 28BHBE model to the Elite Package.

Additionally, this supersized upgrade offers some convenient creature comforts, including trailers with super slides for expandable living room area, bunkhouse floorplans loved by kids all over, and an exterior kitchen option, taking your tailgating abilities to the next level. Every Jayco RV comes complete with a Sway Command Tow Control Technology that can keep the RV’s inhabitants safe at all times.

Surveyor 243RBS

This Forest River Inc. manufactured travel trailer offers owners an affordable but luxurious experience on the road. The Surveyor 243RBS is both lightweight and easy to tow, and its efficient design means everybody is comfortable from the driver to the inhabitants. Plus, it offers some opulent features, including 22-inch ovens and shiny galley countertops.

It also has a recessed glass stove cover that allows you to expand your kitchen’s counter space to accommodate more people or food. What’s more, the Surveyor 243RBS provides some residential-style appliances, including roomy pantries and large cabinets.

Finally, the living area features an entertainment center that the whole family can enjoy, too.

Travel Star 324RLTS

Starcraft RV’s Travel Star line is a luxurious way to enjoy the life on the road. With several different floor plans available, the Travel Star 324RLTS can accommodate up to ten different adults sleeping inside its walls.

Plus, with a rear lounge triple slide, buyers receive a number of interior materials and appliances. The 324RLTS is built with TuffShell vacuum-bonded lamination, a sturdy and durable material that keeps the travel trailer around for years to come. In addition, with fiberglass sidewalls, welded aluminum framing, and metal backers, the Travel Star trailer can withstand the harshest inclement weather while the inhabitants stay warm and dry.

Furthermore, if you want a bit more in the way of luxury, there’s always the option to upgrade to the Galaxy Black Pearl Edition. But if these luxurious offerings sound like a deal, look no further than the Travel Star 324RLTS.

Final Considerations

In summary, always consider your needs and the needs of your family when picking out a travel trailer. As this list shows, best travel trailers come in all varieties and all levels of comfort and luxury. Older individuals traveling with just a spouse may like a smaller and nicer trailer, while growing families may prefer something with lots of space that’s reliable.

Moreover, whatever the reason for your journey, ensure you find a travel trailer that fits your needs and your budget.

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